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Due to its four season weather, it has the ability to offer you all kinds of tastes, natural beauty, and ever changing sceneries from every angle of the country wether is the east of Turkey withPalandoken Mountain or the North with its spectacular green black sea coast.

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Turkey combines the past and present with its Architecture, Life Style, People, History, Beaches, Sun Shine, Food and Natural Wild Life.

Turkey is a safe place for visitors as much as any other country would be in the western world, mind you one must never let his/her vguard off, this is a general precaution of any traveller. Obviously avoiding visiting the borders with Syria and Irak will add to being safe.

Turkey is not just a place to visit for its beaches and Idylic boat trips nor for typicall british style benidorm holidaying. It is more sophistecated then that with its palaces, museums, ancient buildings, local and pre-local history, bazaars and markets, hamams, orientic essenses and herbs as well as the beautiful natural seafronts and beaches.

Course in Bodrum Gumusluk, learn how to design and carve Gourd Lamps, accommodation and food included, 10 and 14 days courses, price starts from 1150 sterling depending on season and availibility

Addition to all the usual Tourist stuff, a new brand is rising in the horizon which is the Health Industrie, consisting from dental treatments to more sophisticated operation as well as natural healing spas and mud baths.

Turkey does offers lots to see and to do. You can do it all by yourself or via a Tour Guide which this way your time and day will not be wasted and more can be seen.

Turkey is a country for many Civilizations from Hittits to Lycians who came and past, now peacefully resting. Richness in History, Culture, Diversity and ethnic living with an incredible harmony over the centuries, puts Turkey under the spotlight.

Turkey is never in shortage with Hotels on Holiday Resorts as there are accommodation available to suit all budgets from Hostels, affordable bed and breakfast to top notch Hotels, quality and service is unbeatable.

Turkey has got great deal of reputation with its cuisine to die for, it is not just the Kebabs and deserts such as Baklava to taste but royal dishes introduced to Sultans by the master chefs can be seen on the menus on many wining and dining places.

Traditional Turkish restaurants known as lokanta or soup houses are serving round the clock as well as pastry places and dont you thing that you can not find italian, chinese or indian restaurants as turkey has every cuisine serving restaurants available to tourist as well to the locals.

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Turkey with its growing positive reputation started to become one of the most reliable and trustworthy holiday destination for holiday makers in last few years as well for business investors due to its less complex bureaucracy compared with most other holiday destinations such as spain and greece.

Antalya, Istanbul, Fethiye, Marmaris, Sarigerme, Dalaman, Dalyan, Kusadasi are only some of the well known touristic destinations of Turkey which we like to cover to start with in this website to give you more insight into Turkish culture and things to do.

Turkey has been allways very wellcoming and attractive to ideal holiday destination seekers but in the recent years the variety of destination choices provided by the Turkish Tourism industry has risen significantly which includes winter sports, business and health tourism.

Realestate sales to foreign nationalities such as british, german, has shown a boom in the market despite the global recession which effected many countries in the europe. This shows the stability of the ecenomic market of Turkey is stable enough to attract investors from all around the world.

The government extends the residence permit from three months to one year for house buyers from oversees with a law change, aiming to eliminate obstacles in front of the foreign buyers, this of course makes Turkey simply a safe destination for the investers.

Airports in Turkey since they are the first welcoming doors into the Country do get their share from goverment investments in terms of revamping and updating to match with other big international airports in around the Globe. Visit Istanbul Airport Transfer and Dalaman Airport Transfer pages for private taxi airport transfers for convinient booking and reasonable price list.

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