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Planning your holiday packings well before your departure date can save you a lot of time and stress during your Holiday. Little things like a mobile phone charger, memory card, battery for your camera, ladies toiletries, travel plug and so on. Turkey is never in shortage when it comes to travel essentials, however, it will save you a lot of time trying to find these items if you don't know exactly where they are sold.

Turkey is always considered a relatively safe place by travellers, however always remember that you are going to a foreign soil where the culture, local customs and language are different therefore it is advisable to leave your bad habits if you have got any at home and be considerate to a different culture.

No matter what the situation is, do not get involved in national politics and under no circumstance belittle the Turkish flag or any historical figure as this may place you in the heart of the trouble.

Certain gestures can have different meanings than the one you know and also take extra precaution when you are out and about especially at nights, keep in mind that a smiling face does not always mean safety.

Never say, it won't happen to me. A little extra money can cover your health insurance whilst you are travelling and help you through bad times. If you do have any allergy or any conditions you may require specific medical care, please note this in clear plain English, if possible translate it in to Turkish and carry it at all times with you.

Use where possible services, recognized and recommended by fellow travellers to avoid common disappointments. This can be anything from Taxi ranks to Local Travel Agencies and places to go.


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