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Here I will try to explain as simple as possible about the souvenier object evil eye and the meaning of the evil eye.

I will explain to you how it became part of the Turkish lives and why it has nothing to do with Turkish culture at all.

I am sure you are familiar with the round shaped blue and white coloured souvenier item called Evil Eye.

There are all kinds of stories told by the Turkish Sales people to the tourist about the evil eye. The most common phrase used for short explanation by the tourism employees is "protects you from anything bad happening".

This is why you would see this evil eye object everywhere, in cars, indoors, on babies and so on.

Well, one needs to know that this can not be associated in any way of form or shape with Islam as Islam rejects such beliefes which an item can be a source of help.

Superstitions such as using blue glass eye and so forth is not credited. All of them are forbidden in Islam, therefore a Muslim does not believe in evil eye object in that sense.

However, muslims do believe in Nazaar, evil eye or evil look. Man can cause harm to people when he particularly looks at them with jealousy or evil intention.

Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) said "The influence of an evil eye is a fact, if anything would precede the destiny, it would be the influence of an evil eye..."

Please note that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) does not mean by evil eye the souvenier object but the actual look or gaze by envy. Please refer to an islamic site if you wish to obtain more detailed information regarding Islam and Evil Eye.

Muslims do not believe that an Object can protect or change mans life. It is strictly forbidden in Islam to believe and expect something in no matter what shape and form to/from an object.

It is a Peace Symbol

Souvenier Object evil eye can be found from Italy to Middle East and even further away in India.They all will have their own stories to tell, more or less the same versions of each others.

In my oppinion it is a peace symbol, probably one of the first peace symbols in mankind history. Peace made between the Romans and the followers of Jesus.

When Cristianity started to spread faster than Rome could calculate, senators of Rome had to act quick to avoid any crisis amongst their population both financialy as well as social uprising. This could affect the massive income and taxes trough trades in Temples dedicated to Gods and Goddeses of Romans on pilmgride roads, so this had to be avoided at all cost.

Senators of Rome did came up with a genious idea which involves acknowledging both beliefs and faith which this way everyone will be pleased. In order to represent the new arrival religion they draw the body of fish, remember the first sign of cristians was fish.

They have placed an eye, the eye of goddess Medussa in the middle of the round shape which supposedly was the body of the Fish. Both believes were now combined and fused within eachother, passing a message accross the empire that there is no issues between them two.

This was happening when the beginning of the collapse of the Roman Empire started. Despite the mass production in order to spread the news across the empire it did not serve its purpose as it disappeard from the surface to be founded again much later.

Nowadays, Evil Eye souveniers made from Glass or Plastics are one of the best sellers as an gift item purchased by the tourist in Turkey.


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