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Gays and Lesbian in Turkey

The age of consent in Turkey is 18. There are no articles on homosexuality in the law, but vague references to public morals and public order.

Homosexuality is not illegal but is NOT tolerated amongst the communities.

Public displays of affection could/will result in prosecution for public order offences.

Locals may not tolerate public displays.

Locals are objective to the visitors sexual choices, as long as there is no public display on the street or in pubs and bars.

Locals will not treat any gay or lesbians differently then other heterosexual tourists provided above sentence is taken into consideration.

Your desire can lead to serious consequence

Also please be aware that trying to chat up a young person for sexual desire once noticed can result in serious consequence, make sure you keep it within friendly chat frame only.

Turkish people are very tolerant towards guests. And you are a nice Person and do want to respect others way of life !

I am not saying that such life choices are not existing in Turkey, what I am saying is that in smaller Villages and Towns where the culture has not let their roots loose, one must respect and stay within their cultural frame or you can face serious Consequences if not.

In bigger Cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, or certain touristic Towns e.g Marmaris, Gays do have relativly easier lifes then those in rural areas, however they are used to and tolerated by public in certain neigbourhoods or areas.

You can find yourselves facing charges relating to cultural differences, such as using bad language, rude gestures or public displays of affection.

Now regards to the Pictures displayed here on this page, non of them are Gays.

I needed some pictures , so I choose my friends, they do not know that I have placed their pictures within the frame of Gays.

Those above are Alper and Umit from Gocek and the one below is Birol whom runs Boat Trips and a Cafee in Koycegiz. Like to add (just to save my back) they are not gay.

If you like to share your experience you may believe it can help others, please send an email so i can publish here on this page.


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