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hire a private boat trip with crew n marmaris and dalaman area


If you decide to not join in, into large groubs sharing a Tour Guide and wish to go more diy style and maybe now and then request a help from qualified tour guide then this service may come well handy for you.

Tour Guides we recommand here are well-traveled, flexible, adaptable and worldly. In order to experience and to interact with different cultures they frequently travel abroad

Tour Guides optain licences from the ministry of tourism after gaining the acccurate qualifications in order to provide you with accurate up to date information, Historical and local as well as guiding you as a navigater trough out the day.

They can save you time and money and become very handy when and if you require information anything regarding the country with up to date information.

You might thing a Travel Book would do the same thing, well nothing is more enjoyable then having your camera hanging on your neck, map and a book in one hand searching for clues and information, however having a tour guide with you means instant access to the information and translation services.

We can Introduce you to the relevant tour guide once we know what area you are going to visit and what your requirements are e.g Language, route.

Tour Guides who are listed with us based in Istanbul, Fethiye, Marmaris , Antalya and Kusadasi. As travelling is part of their jobs, they will not mind to meet up with you in a arranged location.

Lets say you are in Istanbul and wish to travel down to Antalya or Cappodocia or maybe along the blacksea coast and require a tour Guide to make your time more enjoyable with his/her knowledge, not a problem, guide will meet up with you in istanbul and accompany you until your final destination.


Cost of Hiring a Tour Guide varies depending on Time, Area, Language etc. Usualy all expenses are paid by the Customer including Accommodation where applicable. This obviously needs to be discussed at the beginning before committing to an agreament with the professional Tour Guide.

Regards to legality point of view, we need to mention that Tour Guides are regulated by the Ministery of Tourism , there are regular checks around the touristic sites as well as suprise road checks by the Authorities to prevent any illegal guiding activities.

Therefore it is important to know that fines are Heavy for those acting as a Tour Guide without a Licence, which can lead up to inprisonment.


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in Bodrum in Koycegiz in Sarigerme


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