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Healing with Natural Counseling

We all do have our problems, they come to us in different shapes and form.

retreat in koycegiz with zenci shamanSometimes it is difficult to explain our feelings even to our closest ones. It happens that we can not know ourselfs the underlying reasons of our negative feelings and behavier causing stress and unhappiness to ourselfs and people around us.

Drugs prescribed for depression, anxiety altough may be necessary, can lead to an isiolation from within ourselfs and from the society we are living in. Whilst there is nothing wrong with seeking cure from modern medicine and consulting Doctors, we musn't stop searching alternative medicine.

If you take into concideration that every drug in the pharmacies are actually produced from the Nature's medicine cupboard, flowers , vegetables , fruits and other botanical variety, then it will occur to us that going to the source directly can be a sensible thing.

The enviroment we are living in, can have a massive impact on our health.

If you have any unexplainable emotion problems, no matter what you and others call it, wether it is Stress related, work related , Zenci Shaman is here to help.

counseling, healing , koycegiz, zenci shamanWe are not talking about a Spa Retreat or spritual counseling, it is more than that, a meeting with your inner self, exploring the universe within you in a tranquil enviroment where no questions asked and no judgment takes place.

There will be no others other then yourself with Zenci Shaman and those you wish to invite to this pause in time. Residens of Zenci Shaman is located in the heart of Koycegiz, within 1 hectar of Land. Totally private.

You will able to be your self. Spending time in the Garden, interacting with locals, going to places where no other tourist are offered to go. You will be introduced to the Natures Cupboard to boost your happy feelings.

Counseling with Zenci Shaman is plesant, relaxed, friendly.

You will have your own accommodation with 24/7 hot shower , Wi-Fi , local Food with local style.

Sessions are for 4 days , 7 days , 10 days. You will return back to your home fully refreshed and energized.

All Inclusive £50 per day

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