Sarigerme near Dalaman in Turkey
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Transportation in Sarigerme

Good News is, there are Shuttle Mini Buses or Dolmush running every Half Hour , through the Village starting from Hilton and Holiday Villages all the way to Sarigerme Public Beach for 3 Turkish Lira , about 50 pence - kids under 6 are free.

It is imperative that you know that you have to pay in Turkish Lira for the Taxi or Dolmush and not in foreign currency or by card.

From the Holiday Village Family Life, Palace and SunTropical, and Hilton to the Village by Taxi is 15 TL or £5.

If you wish to go Ortaca Town, When in Sarigerme Village, Flag down a Dolmush passing by with a sign on the windscreen saying ORTACA.With this Dolmush you can get all the way to Ortaca for 5,50 Turkish Lira.

Please be aware that reckles irresponsible driving is common amongst the taxi drivers, do not hesitate to warn the Taxi Driver if necessary

By Dolmush , to Ortaca Town is 5.50 Turkish Lira - £1,50

Remember :You can shop with foreign currency, however it would be ideal if you would have small change of local currency for the local transport.


Car Parks are located at the entrance of the Village sign posted (OTOPARK)and another one which is located within the Public Beach upto 300 parking slots.

What is Dolmush and How to Travel

The Dolmus (dolmush)is typically minibuses travelling relatively short distances. A dolmus usually waits and starts in the bus station (Otogar) until it is full and then leaves.

You can board a dolmus anywhere on its route by signaling it to stop for you. Similarly you can get off at a convenient point anywhere along the route. The destination of the dolmus is posted in the windscreen. In summer the latest hour of departure of the minibuses or dolmus is 7.30pm. This kind of public transport is cheap and efficient and works very well all over Turkey.

Lets say You wish to D.I.Y Travel around a bit and You wish to go to Dalaman Town or to Koycegiz or to Marmaris maybe a bit further to Istanbul ect.Where ever you wish to go, You need to go to nearest OTOGAR (Otogar / Bus station).

There are two Otogars near to Sarigerme, ORTACA and DALAMAN OTOGAR

Where ever you want to go, you need to go to ORTACA Bus Station first.

To Koycegiz from Ortaca 3.75 TL per person

To Marmaris from Ortaca 17 TL per person

For example :If you wish to go to Dalaman from Sarigerme, You need to go to Ortaca Otogar first, then from there you can take Dolmush to Dalaman Otogar.

All you need to do is, stand on road side , when you see one coming flag down. They run frequently, usually every half an hour, if you wish to know when the next one is just ask a local Person.

You don't need to speak Turkish for that. Just point to your watch or to your wrist if you dont have a watch on you and say Dolmus ?

If you do stay in the Holiday Village, you can catch a shuttle bus from the Main Gate

Dolmushes passing trough Sarigerme Village, you can not miss it.

But ,if you stay at the Hilton, Palace or Suntopia Tropical Hotels, every 30 minutes Dolmushes are available at the front of the Hotel.




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