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What After Corona ?


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hire a private boat trip with crew n marmaris and dalaman area

When Corona Virus is gone, Travel to Turkey

We all need a break from everyday life.

Going on a vacation is exceptional and fulfilling. You can gain a lot actually by Travelling, exploring and being present at the places you visit.

Here are the benefits of Travelling;

It is better to spend your money on experiences rather than on material things.The memories you collect are like treasures, they will remain with you and will bring more happiness then some new clothes and other materials.

Think how good you will feel when you are old, look back and see what adventures and unique experience you have gone through. Not only when you are old, but every few years from now, you can recall how much fun you had and plan your next adventure. In the end, you will not regret the travels you did but the things you didn't.

Travelling is getting away from your everyday life and look at it from a different point of view. We all have problems and issues that have an impact on our happiness. It is so comfortable to deal with problems and questions when you look at them from outside. While travelling, you have much time to think without distraction, and you can make healthy decisions. You will have a better perspective and maybe realize things aren't that bad as you thought.

In our everyday lives, we have been used to doing the same things, meeting the same people, going to the same places, we are living in our boring comfort zone.

When you travel, you get out of your bubble, and you meet new people, other travellers, locals. You will tune your life to different cultures, and you see different landscapes and views. You learn that the world is diverse and helps you to understand the people who are different from you.

Travelling makes you actually smarter; you learn new things all the time. When you travel, you do get into unusual situations and face different challenges. It makes you push your limits, handle things differently and makes you come up with practical and creative solutions. After all, the best way to learn is through experience.

Travelling helps you know yourself better. You are out of your comfort zone, gets you to see your behaviour in different situations, sometimes even in extreme ones. You would be surprised to find out new things about yourself that you didn't know.

The best part of it is People you meet along the way. You get to know people from around the world you would have never met in your everyday life. Travelling may be challenging and scary for some people, that's Ok, remember, you can choose your kind of Travel. It doesn't have to be climbing mountains, riding a Camel in a dessert although that can be fun, you can explore cities, be around swimming pool or relax in nature, visit small villages and so on. You will gain confidence and learn in no time what is right for you.

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For those whom are into fishing, especially Carp Fishing, Lake of Koycegiz near Dalaman is one of the best in terms of Scenery , Local life and hugnes of the lake where the 30kg Carps are living. Find out more on Crap Fishing in Koycegiz Lake



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in Bodrum in Koycegiz in Sarigerme


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