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Now this is a question needs to be answered in detail. Weather in general during the summer time is hot not matter where you go in Turkey.

Everyone knows Turkey is a Hot Country during the Summer Months. What is it like during other seasons, how cold does it get in winter, what is the spring and autumm times like in Turkey, these are the questions we will be answering here on this page.

To understand in a easy way, imagine a House with a Roof. Roof of the House is the east of Turkey and the entrance door will be the west coast of Turkey.

More higher you go the more colder it will get. With other words, east of Turkey is on a higher altitude then the west and it is mountainous. To give you an idea, the highest mountain of Turkey is on the east and called Agri or known as Ararat 5165 meters high where the peak is always cloudy and snowy.

Therefore east of Turkey can be under heavy snow fall where many villages can be cut off from the civilization for many months.

Black Sea Coast, North of Turkey is compare to all other regions of Turkey is most of the time wet regardless of the season, will remind you a bit of english weather. This is the reason why the entire north coast of Turkey is all year round green.

The Central part and further sout east of Turkey is probably the only regions where it does exercise the seasons in full extend. Winter periods can be harsh and dry, Summer season also dry with little rain or non.

You can tell from the above so far that Turkey is not a country where every single part or region is in spring alike atmosphere place. It does have its harsh winter times and heavy rainy seasons depending on the region and time of the year.

Aegean and Mediterranean are the best with its mild winter season and hot but humid weather makes it or can make it alot easy to leave.

Obvioulsy dependin on the weather conditions of the region, this makes a difference on the products been produced. Whilst Tea and Nuts are the major production of the Black Sea Coast, Citrus plantations such as Oranges, Lemons, Pomagranets are the major products of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. One can also tell the climate in general by simply looking what products are been produced.

To cut the story short, summer , no matter where you go in Turkey is hot. Winter is cold and snowy in most parts of Turkey with the exception of Aegean and Mediterranean regions where the weather during the winter is allways mild, no snow, time to time it rains but in general a plesant and like spring.


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