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Hello Ladies,

If you have not been to Turkey before then I believe you should continue reading, regardless of your age or marital status.

Once you are in Turkey, touristic areas, you will experience something very flattering.

As soon as the Turkish man sees you, he will start to say nice things to you because to him you are a flower and whoever picks up the flower then it belongs to him.

It does not matter how old you are, if you are single or married, fat and ugly or skinny with bones sticking out or got Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

He will first compliment your eyes, how deep and beautiful they are etc , then he will tell you that you are gorgeous and how lovely your dress is. This will all take place in the first few minutes of meeting you. Do not be surprised if he tells you an hour or so later that he is in love with you.

To cut the story short, by the time dawn breaks, without a doubt you will have made love to this Turkish man.

What happens when you have gone back home ?

On the day you leave, another lady is already hearing the same words. This goes on and on... never stops.

Does anything good come out of this? Well, if you discount the endless pleasures, realistically NO. Very few relationships have happy endings.

Yes, there are happy endings too believe it or not, which for fact I do know friends whom happly married and kidz and so on. In percentage it is rather very low and it is a gamble with serious Consequences.

The unhappy ending in such mix cultural relations are so hight that it would be like hitting the jackpot by being in the happy section. It is ok when you dont have kids together, simply walk away from one an another and everything is sorted. However, if you have children together, then the situation for both can be devastating. Believe me, it can be very harsh. Especially for the man, as the powerfull laws of the United Kingdom does takes usually women side. Especially harsh on the Man , if you are one of those bitches who likes to not give an access to the children simply because you have fallen out or stopped eachother loving.

There are many Turkish man out there whom fallen in love and moved abroad, made children, worked hard but some reasons when the relation ship came to an end they have faced the bitter truth of seperation and not allowed to see their children. As a result of that their lifes are shuttered , could'nt go back to their home countries simply because they wanted to be with their kids or at least leaved with that hope that one day maybe they will gain access. In the meantime kids grown fatherless, Turkish father stranded in a place who doesnt wanted to be anymore.

So, just have one but dont drug him into a possible pain.

How to avoid this game of love?

Well, it is difficult, Imagine, you are on holiday in a beautiful hot country with a charming and handsome young man making you feel special beyond your wildest dreams.

Exactly, it can be very difficult to avoid of becoming a statistic of love game

Is it worth it ?

If you are allready in a relationship with someone back home, if someone waiting for you back at home, the man who loves you, then question is ; Is it really worth it ?

Even if you havent got any one waiting for you back home, it may help you to thing for a moment if you take the following into consideration:

An average young Turkish man, working in tourism, sleeps with one woman a week. Some sleep with 2 or 3 different women a week. Others with a different woman each day. A lot of action all without the use of any protection.

I know, after reading this, you will say; yes you are right.

I also know that of the women who agreed with the statement above will do exactly the opposite.

Kind regards to you all

Useful Word : Condom: prezervatif


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