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Art Courses by Professional Artists in Turkey

Holiday Art Courses with Accommodation are now available to book, learn how to paint, decorate or carve gourds whilst holidaying in tarnquil parts of Turkey with acclaimed creators whom are eager to share their knowledge with you

Art classes with a good instructor can help you see values and help balancing your life more accurately. Boost your creativity, improve your skills and make better art with classes taught by top artists from Turkey.

Learn how to Paint and play with the colours

Learn to paint in painting class and create your own piece of artwork with tuition from an experienced art teacher from Belgium based in Turkey, Koycegiz.

If you haven't picked up a paintbrush before, or perhaps not for a long time, this class is designed for beginners and as you paint along with your teacher and other new painters, you'll receive lots of support and guidance to help you build your skills.

7 Days and 10 Days Painting Courses in Koycegiz, a beautiful Lake Town near Dalaman.

  • Luxury Accommodation with Swimming-pool
  • Local Breakfast
  • Everyday minimum of 2 Hours Tutor Service
  • You can take home your work
  • Free* Local Tours by the Tutor
  • Price Starts from £1700 depending on the Season and availability

Get in touch with us to book your class.

Art Holiday Courses in Turkey

Learn how to carve and design motifs on gourd

Gourd has been around for many milleniums and has been used by the Humans for all sorts of things, such as Water Containers and Musical instruments.

Nowadays it has been part of Art Culture and it is getting very popular amongst Tourists as well as Locals. Gourd Lamps due to its unique shape and designs , they will make your House look gergeous, lit or unlit.

You will learn from scratch how to become a Gourd Artist with one to one Tutor in our Work Studio located in Bodrum, away from hustle and buzzle in a very Tranquil place surrounded with Citrus Trees such as Oranges.

10 Days and 14 Days Courses

  • Accommodation
  • Full Board Local Food
  • Everyday minimum of 3 Hours Tutor Service
  • You can take home the Gourds you have designed and carved.
  • After the Course, If eligible, you can even work for GourdArt
  • Price Starts from £1150 depending on the Season and availability

Art and Design Teachers are carving their Gourds in Gumusluk near Bodrum. Their Design skills and craftsmanship are very popular amongst the locals.


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in Cappadocia in Bodrum in Koycegiz in Sarigerme in the Mountains


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