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private tours in Gocek. No matter what the occasion is, book your private boat trips and all other excursions private.


Question : Do we get picked up from our Hotel ?

Answer :Yes , you will be picked up from your Hotel or where ever you stay. Provided your accommodation is not located far up in the Hills and mountains of Gocek, if it is, then may be an additional charge will apply, or we can meet you in the Town Centre.

Question :Are drinks included on excursions where meals are included.

Answer :No, drinks are not included.

Question :Can I take the pushchair with me ?

Answer :Yes, there is allways space on board or Bus.

Question :Am I insured with you ?

Answer :You are insured with the conducting local tour company.

Question : We are large group, can we arrange private tour ?

Answer : Yes, even if its only one person, money talks.

Question ::What currency can I pay with ?

Answer :You can pay with Sterling, Euro, Dolar, Turkish Lira

Question :Can I pay with debit or credit card, Paypal

Answer :Yes, you can

Question :Once I book online and paid via paypal, what happens next ?

Answer :You will receive a detailed confirmation email stating what you have booked, dates etc. and includes the pick up time for the excursions.

Question : Which excursions are suitable for small children ?

Answer :Dalyan Mudbaths ,and 12 Island Boat trips are suitable.

Full day DALYAN Trip (mudbaths - turtle beach etc.), this trip is ideal for any age. constant changing scenery keeps everyone occupied , different stuff to do such as getting into the mud , seeing the little turtles, birds, stopping at the beach also guides are trying to show you even big turtles (depending on the boat traffic) and some live crabs. Boats are shady and specious, plenty breaks in between... Or you can have this trip as half day without the mudbath with earlier start and head to see the giant Caretta Caretta Turtles , that is a cool trip and Kids LOOOOVEEEEE it, so the grown ups. This trip is called TURTLE WATCH

12 ISLAND Boat trip is a must IF YOUR KID ENJOYS SWIMMING . All day long in crystal clear waters swimming, BBQ ,big boats, plenty space for kids

Question : I have a query regarding excursions you provide , can you answer ?

Answer : By all means , do not hesitate to contact.


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