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The Turkish Private Hospital and Consultant services

Due to its quality of healthcare services, geographical benefits and affordable costs, Turkish healthcare groups has become healthcare providers for foreign patients.

Although it is among the first three Destinations in the World for Healthcare Travel, has become the number one destination for Europeans for healthcare Travel.

Since Turkey has been investing heavily in the last fifteen years in New Hospitals and the latest technology in medicine, has attracted attention from patients all around the world which lead to close to one million successful treatment of patients from 144 countries in 2017 alone and this number is rising significantly in to the 2023

Thanks to the tremendous investment in the Health care industry, Turkey has attracted not only the patients but also the leading consultants and specialist in their fields and thus led to specialist coming to Turkey to work alongside with the Turkish doctors and consultants.

Travelling to Turkey has never been easier before thanks to the Turkish airline with its direct flights from more than 300 Airports.

Turkey is undoubtedly among the best in and Cancer treatments as well as in organ transplantation.

  • Hair Implant
  • Dental Clinic
  • Cronic Pain and Holistic Therapy
  • Stem Cell Technology
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Organ Transplantation.
  • Kidney and Urinary complaints
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Why is Medical Treatment in Turkey is Affordable

    Although the Turkish Government aims to provide free medical health care for its citizens to a certain degree where and if possible, this does not include treatment of the foreign visitors.

    However, due to the current strength of the foreign currency, it has made the cost figures of medical care extremely affordable for foreign patients. Not to mention, the quality of private clinics are far superior to their European counterparts

    More and more patients are coming over to Turkey for not just serious treatment but also less severe troubles treatments.

    Such as Thermal Spa cure for backache and Rheumatism as well as Hair implantation and Dental Clinics are among many others

    Addition to the Luxury Comfort provided in the private clinics; it is common to combine your treatment with Holiday, the seriousness of your condition permitted. Since it is much more inexpensive compared to the US and Europe, even when the luxurious Hotel prices included; still it is 1/3 of the expenses.

    A Personal experience

    From a personal experience point of view, as I have experienced the Turkish health system very closely due to my closest person to me, Mum, being diagnosed with a horrible illness; throat Cancer.

    It was the times where one feels lost, don't know where to turn, what to do. As a person who spends most of his life in Europe, everyone expected us to look for a suitable clinic somewhere in Europe, the United Kingdom or in the USA.

    The waiting lists are long, and even if one decides to go for private treatment, there are still many loops to pass. To cut the story short, we have decided to visit several consultants, to get several different opinions, which all lead to the same result. All the scans and checks done the same day.

    Once you have the scans, you can take them to a different specialist who can examine you and the relevant scans. It is your choice, in the end, which way to go, which treatment you wish to have.

    The waiting list for the surgery isn't that long, in a matter of days can be done. The Hospital we went to for the operation was in Antalya, and it wasn't like a Hospital, it was more like plesant Hotel with a modern care home facility, away from the usual ice-cold Hospital like the style. More comfort was injected, with experience and kind attitude of professionalism. The help was there with every aspects of it. The cost was, in fact a fraction, compared to the UK and EU.

    Of course it was'nt easy, it was a horrible experience, but the medical staff was extremly supportive, kind and gentle.

    If it weren't for the Turkish health system, my mum wouldn't have lasted six months, but after the painful surgery, my mother had several years of quality life.


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