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Dentist and Professional Dental clinics in Turkey are getting more and more visitors from overseas for a comfortable, calm and hassle-free experience, including famous Movie and TV Stars from all around the world.

The main reason for dental treatment in Turkey is the price. Patients can save up to 70% compared with the UK and EU Prices. The more extensive and costly the treatment, the more you save.

Most Dental Clinics are well above the so-called European standards when it comes to using the latest technology and highly skilled staff, dentists and surgeons.

If you are looking for the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey - English Speaking - who has got the years of experience in getting the best possible treatment at the best possible price, with the latest technology then look no further then Medicoast Clinics in Kusadasi.

I highly recommend their services as they commit to dental excellence, ensuring only the very best materials are sourced and have the best technology in use. Medicoast Clinics in Kusadasi is a professional First Class Clinic with highly skilled Patient Coordinators, Representatives, Dentists and Surgeons.

Their service is from start to end is the perfect VIP style. Whether you are on a Holiday or simply specifically for a Treatment, their patient coordinators will guide trough every progress smoothly as possible. There are no hidden costs etc. , you will be well explained until there is no question left in your mind.

medical dentist in Turkey Kusadasi

Some of the Dental Treatments at Medicoast are;

Implants Covers the process of placing the artificially designed root of the tooth, which is made out of titanium, and is compatible with the tissues of the jawbone. The process is implemented to restore function and aesthetics of the missing teeth.

Laminated Teeth Consist of the process of gluing a thin layer in porcelain structure, with or without minimal abrasion, on the front surfaces of the teeth.

Zirconium Coating A coating process generally used on discoloured and poorly constructed teeth by using white and semi-transparent zirconium material to give an aesthetic appearance.

Pediatric Dentistry Branch of dentistry covering the treatment of bruises in children’s deciduous (milk) and permanent teeth, trauma treatment, preventive dentistry practices (fluoride applications, fissure sealant applications, oral hygiene education) and preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatments.

Prosthodontics Involves the construction of fixed or mobile artificial teeth for the recovery of the chewing function and phonation which may be lost due to lack of teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Involves the treatment of the defects in teeth-jawbone relations and aims to provide a healthy and aesthetic smile.

Above mentioned, dental treatments are only some examples; they have more different treatments available; please contact them directly to find out more in-depth.

Contact Details

dental clinic in kusadasi

Medicoast is located in : Camikebir, İşhanı Kat: 2 No.: 119, Adalıoğlu Sitesi, 09400 Kuşadası – Aydın/TURKEY


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