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Watching the sun rising over the Horizon is undoubtedly one of the mesmerising views one would like to experience in the Hot Air Baloon, in place like Cappodocia where hundred hot air balloons are taking off at the same time, what a fascinating view that is.

Turkey has many beautiful Hot Air Baloon sighting areas, usually operating during the summer season when the weather is more reliable. Pamukkale has been added recently to the sighting areas where Hot Air Baloon rides can take place.

However, please be aware, still, in Summer season there can be cancellations even when the sun shines with a big smile because it all depends on the Wind as the dominant player.

Every morning in the early hours, operating companies need to check the national civil aviation website, which is the ultimate regulator, whether or not they can fly. If the Wind status is not right, nothing you can do about it. See it for your self Here

If you do visit the Hot Air Baloon ride areas during out of Summer Season especially for the flying purpose only, then be prepared for cancellation calls. If you have been told that is has been cancelled on the very morning of your flight, you will be offered an immidiate refund or an alternative date, usually the next available flight.

How Much is a Hot Air Balloon Flight

The price range for a Baloon ride depending on the number of customers in season can change anything up to 450 dollars. Obviously, during the low season, prices are a lot less than the busy summer season. Price lists arent updated regularly by the Baloon operaters, as all depending on the season, amount of the passengers and other relevant effects. Therefore I strongly advice that you do check the price and whats included.

Hot Air Baloon flights in turkey , price ranges  up to 350 dollars

Early Hours of the day can be chilly, so make sure you have your cardigan with you. Hot Air Baloon operators will pick you up from your hotel while it is still dark, and take you to their HQ for breakfast before moving on to the flight sight.

Watching the preparations can be exciting and fun. After the flight before the return transfer, usually, you will be offered some snack or Champagne.

Hot Air Baloon baskets can be large enough to accommodate up to 20 people in a single flight. The number of passengers drops after the summer season. Although you may not be able to see many balloons taking off, at least, you will have more space.

Where in Turkey is Hot Air Balloon Flights

The national civil aviation authority has recently declared additional flight areas suitable for Hot Air Balloon flights and soon will provide licenses to those qualifying companies.At this time following areas are fully operational with Hot Air Balloon

  • Cappodocia
  • Pamukkale
  • Salda Lake| Burdur
  • Eskisehir - Frigya
  • Ahlat - Van Lake

  • Which Company should I choose? Your biggest concern should be the wind and not the company, regardles which company you choose, they are all efficient and reliable, it is wise to do your homework.

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