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Despite the fantastic sound of an all-inclusive holiday in a holiday village it can be frustrating, nerve-racking, leave you in tears. You may end up screaming, never again. But on the other hand, this could be your dream holiday.

All-inclusive holiday Villages mainly designed to attract families with budgets which bring together a diversity of people from all different kinds of backgrounds.

The benefits of the holiday village are that everything is inside the complex. Restaurants, entertainment leisure activities, souvenir shops and some even have their beaches.

With people opting more and more for all-inclusive holidays, it has had a detrimental effect on local businesses as people are staying in the complex and not venturing to the real beauty of the surrounding areas.

If you have saved all year long maybe years, you need to think, is this the Holiday for you, do you want to see the country that you are visiting and interact with the culture of the country you are visiting? If the answer to that question is yes, then staying in a Holiday Village is probably not the best holiday choice for you.

I will not even discuss here how much the most Holiday Villages aren't the right places for the children.

If you are a family that does not drink, does not swear and do not wish your family to experience foul-mouthed drunken holidaymakers, mainly due to inclusive drinks, then I suggest you book a hotel instead.

Oh Yes, there are very good all-inclusive Holiday Complexes, such as Hilton Dalaman in Sarigerme Turkey, an absolute Gem, from all perspective.

Family Run Small Hotels

If you are a person who is into culture and people from foreign countries, you can also consider staying in a family-run small hotel.

Your Holiday can work out cheaper if you do drink and dine locally, just the way the locals would do. A terrific experience for you and your children by doing it the Local way and interacting with the Locals.

By choosing to stay in a Family Run Hotel, this would not only provide you with a pleasant relaxed holiday but can also be extremely educational for your children no matter what their age, without the boring stuff.

Small Hotels usually do look after their guests, especially family-run hotels and no requirement is a significant effort for them.

Since usually the breakfast is included within the price, you would be probably spending for lunch and dinner with all the drinks and ice-cream etc. all day long. You would be amazed by how much less you can pay if you shop from the nearest local shop for your needs.

Depending on your budget you can choose more upmarket Hotels with higher star ratings which will be more formal welcoming rather than informal as it is with a smaller family-run Hotels.

All depends on what you are expecting from a Holiday, and only you can answer this question.

Oh, what about staying with a local Family ? Would that not worth to consider ?


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