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Carp Fishing in Koycegiz Lake

Fishing for Common Carp in a Natural and Protected 52000 Hectares of Lake. It is impossible to know how many Common Carps are in this natural Lake of Koycegiz. Still, we understand that the Authorities have recently released 180.000 young Carp and many thousands of big Carp into the Lake of Koycegiz.

There are plenty of quiet spots around the Lake to choose from. You can use a boat or fish effectively from the bank, whichever way you prefer.

Any person who will catch fish for non-commercial purposes with small-scale fishing gear in areas where fishing is prohibited is not obliged to get a fishing licence.

Lake Koycegiz has nearly 5500 ha surface area, and the length and width of the Lake are 12- 13 km and 5-6 km, respectively.

The usage of any fishing gear, such as fyke nets, gillnet, trammel nets, and longline, has been forbidden in Koycegiz lagoon for a long time, according to Turkish Fisheries Regulations since 2000.

Some Fish types in Koycegiz Lake

  • Common Carps up to 120lbs
  • Wels Catfish
  • Flathead Grey Mullet
  • European Eel
  • Gilthead Sea Bream
  • Sea Bass Dicenrtatchus labrax
  • Fresh Water Tilapia
  • Dwarf Goby

  • Carp Fishing and Eal Fishing in Koycegiz Lake, Turkey

    Carp Fishing Times

    Carp Fishing in Koycegiz Lake Starts from the 1'st of April until the end of April. Then from the 1'st of October to the end of October.

    This Trip is ideal for both Amateurs and Professionals who enjoys fishing in Natural Habitats. This trip can be booked for a Single Day or for Multiple days which will include full board accommodation.

    3 Days Fishing | £350 Per Person includes

  • Accomodation in Koycegiz provided is basic but comfortable.
  • Breakfast | Lunch on the Fishing Spot
  • Hot Drinks all Day
  • Every Day Return Transfer by Boat and/or Car to different Carp Fishing spots
  • Not included: Airport Transfer, can be arranged for additional charge
  • Not included: Alcoholic Drinks
  • Please note that there are minimum of 2 people requirement for the trip to take place.

    carp fishing in koycegiz lake  Turkey


    Carp Fishing in Koycegiz Lake in Turkey


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