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Lycian Way Walking |2023

Price includes Meals, Guide, Transport, Accommodation

Book Guided Lycian Way Trekking Tour with us, a powerful journey to one of the world's magnificent trails in Turkey.

Lycian Way, rated as one of the world's magnificent trails.

You will appreciate the scenery of this part of Turkey that is impracticable to do from inside a vehicle.

Regardless of the level, you are on, a casual walker or a professional one, this powerful journey will appeal to those looking for a healthier way to acknowledge grand scenery.

You will walk through across flower-filled fields, pine forests and olive groves, wave to shepherds, then relax in simple, picturesque accommodation along the coast.

This is an experience at its simplest and most pure.

Our Lycian Trekking Excursion consists of two parts: You will witness the most beautiful archaeological sites and spectacular beauty of the landscape along the Lycian route.

lycian way hiking starting point Fethiye overlooking Oludeniz

The Western Lycian route is The coastline of the Western part, between Kayakoy and Kas , it is the region with the most stunning views with its archaeological and ancient city areas and picturesque beauty. The tracks are shorter, but steeper, allowing you to enjoy the attraction of the rough area.

Eastern Lycian route is from the Gelidonya Lighthouse to Antalya and is normally planned for more distant walking routes and for those who likes the beach fronts.


That's right, all you need to bring along are your bags and your walking mood, rest will be taken care of from transporting your bags to the next Accommodation to Breakfast, Lunch Packs to Dinner. All we ask is, be positive, in a good mood and enjoy the incredible scenery during hiking and keep walking.

This tour is all about having fun and providing fresh air to our lungs whilst encountering one of the oldest trails known to the Man.

You don't have to be a professional trekker to join this Tour as the pace of the hike will be no more than moderate level, make sure that everyone can keep up and enjoy the walk. One for all, all for one, nobody will be left behind.

  • Fethiye Start Western Lycia route

  • Antalya Start Eastern Lycia route


    Fethiye Start Antalya Start


    Antalya Dalyan Datca Fethiye Gocek Istanbul Koycegiz Kusadasi Marmaris Sarigerme


    in Cappadocia in Bodrum in Koycegiz in Sarigerme in the Mountains


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