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Lycian Trekking |Fethiye Start

Price from £700 per person


  • Meals; Breakfast| Lunch Packs and Dinner.
  • Includes Tour Guide, Transport, Bag Travels.
  • Includes Seven Nights Accommodation.
  • Includes Dalaman Return Airport Transfer.
  • Excludes all beverages and all extra food and everything not mentioned

  • Western Lycian route, has the most fascinating tracks of the Lycian Way. You will rest in gorgeous beaches, swim in the magnificent seas of the Turquoise Coast and restore your equilibriums.

    Along the route, there are many interesting things to be sighted; ancient cities, local villages, olive and grape fields, all sorts of agricultural lands, port cities, and watchtowers.

    You will have the chance to examine the puzzle of the ancient sea trade of cedarwood, olive oil, a Wine grape that exists in the region from the times of the ancient cities of Xanthos, Patara, Pinara, Olympos, Myra and Tlos which were the first six main cities of the Lycian Union.

    Lycian Way Trekking Tour in Turkey, All inclusive packages



    Those who arrive by air will be met at the Dalaman Airport, to be transferred to the hotel in Fethiye. This will be the first night, get together with the group and the Tour guide, to get ready for the walk the next day.

    Day 2; Ovacik to Faralya | Walking distance: 12 km

    After breakfast, we will start our Walk from Ovacik, which is the beginning of the Lycian Way. We will walk from Ovacik to Faralya, also known as Butterflies Valley with a fabulous scene. In the meantime, your belongings will be transferred to the hotel with Vehicle. Accommodation will be in Faralya.

    Day 3; Faralya to Kabakkoyu (Kabak Bay) | Walking distance: 12 km

    After delightful light breakfast, the walk will start up from accommodation which is located at the beach towards pretty Kabak Bay, which has unique charm from Faralya. The view of this route is magnificent. Here at the Kabak Bay, you will have a 2-hour swimming break before we return back to our Accommodation with Vehicle.

    Day 4; Kabak Bay to Yediburunlar , Alinca and Patara | Walking distance: 9 km

    The walk starts as usual after Breakfast, from Kabak to end in Patara. You will be passing through the beautiful seven capes (Yediburunlar means seven capes). This magnificent breathtaking walk finishes at Alinca. Thereafter you will be transferred to Patara via vehicle. At Patara, you can spoil yourself on one of the longest and most beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coast. Overnight stay will be in Patara.

    Day 5; Patara to Saribelen and Gokceoren | Walking distance: 13 km

    You will be taken to Sarıbelen hill, after breakfast of course, with the vehicle. The walk will start from Sarıbelen Village and will end at the Gokceoren Village.

    Day 6; Limanagzı to Bogazcik | Walking distance: 12 km 7 hours

    The walk starts after breakfast, to Limanagzi for Kas. During the walk, you will encounter cisterns, rugged shoreline, Coban Beach and the bays of Fakdere, Dinektepe and Kaletepe. The walk ends with passing through the landscape of Kormen island in the village of Bogazcik. Depending on the time, we might have a swimming break for one hour at the beach before we head back to the accommodation.

    Day 7; Bogazcik to Kale-uc-agız and Simena |Walking distance: 13 km

    As always, after a strong breakfast, the walk will start. We will go to Bogazcik. You will visit the small ancient city of Aperlai, an ancient Lycian port on our route. Our walk will end in a little fisherman town called Kaleucagiz (Kekova). Followed by strolling along the Castle of Simena to watch the sunset just before we head back to accommodation for dinner.


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