Despite the Christian European countries attempt to destroy, divide and rule policies in the middle east in the last two hundred years, Turkey has always been the balanced and tolerant country in the region towards all religions.

The European powers colonized one Islamic country after another.

France occupied Algeria in 1830, and Britain Aden nine years later.

Tunisia was occupied in 1881, Egypt in 1882, the Sudan in 1889 and Libya and Morocco in 1912.

Most of above mentioned occupations do continue as of today only in a different ways.

In 1915 the Sykes-Picot agreement divided the territories of the moribund Ottoman Empire, between Britain and France in anticipation of victory and resulted in a devastating effect on many people lives.

After the war, Britain and France duly set up protectorates and mandates in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Transjordan. This was experienced as an outrage, since the European powers had promised the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire independence.

In the Ottoman heartlands, Mustafa Kemal, known as Ataturk (1881-1938), was able to keep the Europeans (British,French, Greek, Italy) at bay and set up the independent state of Turkey.

Muslims in the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia became subject to the new Soviet Union. Even after some of these countries had been allowed to become independent, the West often continued to control the economy, the oil or such resources as the Suez Canal.

European occupation often left a legacy of bitter conflict. When the British withdrew from India in 1947, the Indian subcontinent was partitioned between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan, which are to this day in a state of deadly hostility, with nuclear weapons aimed at each other’s capitals.

n 1948 the Arabs of Palestine lost their homeland to the Zionists, who set up the Jewish secular state of Israel there, with the support of the United Nations and the international community.

The loss of Palestine became a potent symbol of the humiliation of the Muslim world at the hands of the Western powers, who seemed to feel no qualms about the dispossession and permanent exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Unfortunatly Media and Politicians in the West, playing their role in helping to the misinterpretations when it comes to Islam.

Did you know; She is the most honoured woman in the Quran? She is the only woman named in the book. The woman is Mary (Meryem), the mother of Jesus (PEACE BE UPON HIM).

Turkey is probably the only country on the planet where followers of mixed religions can live in harmony regardless of their origins and backgrounds. This is not with the new era, but it has always been like this over the centuries.

Since historians can study the archives of the Ottomans, many examples prove that Turks always opened their doors to those fleeing the massacres and racist religious discriminations of the western media-evil period, such as Jews from Spain during the 16th century.

Minorities have always been treated well and chosen to choose their settlement places; nowadays, we can see that many expensive plots in Istanbul, for example, belong to the Jews who inherited these from their ancestors who sought refuge from the Turks in the early 16th century.

In today’s Turkey, Christians and Jews practice their religions freely in their worship places as any Muslim can. This, compared to the Western world, is way more democratic and humanitarian, e.g. in France, whilst Christians can practise their religions freely, on the other hand, Muslims are granted obstacles.

Whilst Muslims have great difficulties getting permission to build their mosques (without prayer calls) anywhere in Europe, Jews and Christians are not facing any similar problems in Turkey.

Whilst a Tourist can have the courage to complain about the prayer call coming from the minarets, a Muslim in the western world can not even dream of doing the same regarding church bells.

Turkey is overwhelmingly a Muslim country. As explained above, other religious groups and sects include Orthodox and Catholic Christians and Jews. They are Turkish Citizens and have the same rights by law as any other Citizen of Turkiye. The difference is they believe; differently, that is all.

It would be a clever thing to do to find out about Ramadan Times before travelling to a Muslim Country. Ramadan starts every year more or less ten days earlier due to the Moon Calendar. Especially in areas where tourism is less developed and not the primary income, people can be sensitive as they would expect you not to eat and drink in public places. Although in Touristic places such as Marmaris, Sarigerme and Antalya, even if the people won’t mind, it would be good to know and show the necessary respect.

Not knowing the basics of Islam is no excuse if you travel around in a Muslim country. Especially with easy access to knowledge via the internet, books and media.

Being Ignorant in this matter may result in an unpleasant outcome.

Please refer to an Islamic site; (we recommend suleymaniyevakfi.org )  if you have any queries about Islam.