Wheelchair in Sarigerme

If you are considering to hire a Wheelchair, please note that the prices are starting from 12 sterling per day, and there is a deposit required around 300 sterling which will be returned back once you decided to return the wheelchair. Sofar as I am concerned wheel chairs can be hired at the Holiday Village.

If you are thinking of hiring a Mobility Scooter please bare in mind that there are no place in sarigerme village nor in nearby area hiring mobility scooters.

The village itself is one main street, as you enter in on the left hand side is mainly raised and the right hand side is at road level. Although the left side is raised up there are several ramp paths for wheelchairs/pushchairs etc. So you can get up to go past shops, bars, restaurants etc.

If we work our way along the village, the first shop you will come accross is the supermarket Laz Market which is easy accessible basically level with the street.

So to start with, first section of shops on ground level, a minimarket and souvenier stalls are all at ground level with the road so easily accessible.

Then we come to the Sarigerme Bar, this has a ramp access directly outside so is easy to get to. Next to this there is a jewelers, a tattoo/piecing shop and a couple of clothes shops/souvenir shops.

The next bar is The Street Bar which used to be Carmen/LA Pizza, again has its own ramps which gives you access also. Following this there are more shops including clothes, souvenirs, estate agents etc. After this the level of the shops goes down to road level where further up this road you will find more souvenir shops, estate agents, clothes shops etc.

There is a restaurant called fish house here which again is at ground level so easily accessible. The last restaurant on this side of the road is The Cardinal Hotel again easily accessible.

After this you reach the school and apart from a couple of shops and the market on a Sunday there is nothing really this far up. Coming back down the village the first restaurant is The Paradise, you have to go down a small step to enter the restaurant and the entrance is not massive.

Then there are more shops, tour operators, clothes shops etc. then the next restaurant you come to is the Dolphin Restaurant, this is easily accessible. There is a little cafe/bar right next door which is part of it as well but this area is only filled with beanbags so no use.

What I would say about the village is that most of the bars and restaurants are accessible for wheelchair users, they are not too tightly packed with tables and chairs that they could not and always will make room to accommodate you so you are comfortable.

However only been really hit with tourism in the last couple of years they have not really had to think of these things yet, but going off guess work I would say unfortunately not one of the restaurants or bars will allow you to push a wheelchair actually into the toilet itself, you would have to be able to take a couple of steps, or have someone to help you if necessary to enter the actual toilet..

I think within the next couple of years as they have received a budget to encourage tourists this will change and most of the shops/restaurants/bars will adapt their facilities.

As for the shops the size of the doorways of most of them again I dont think you would get a wheelchair through the entrance but being as accommodating as the Turkish are they would bring their whole shop into the street for you without hesitating.

PLEASE NOTE: I would appreciate your views on this topic, to be added on this page.




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