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Baby Toddler Food and Nappies

Hello Parents with Babies and Toddlers

Everything you possibly can need during your Holiday is available in Sarigerme.

Please buy Swim Pants before you come to Turkey. People are fed up with having the pools closed most of the time simply because some parents can't be bothered to buy Swim Pants for their children.

You can find most baby products in well-known supermarkets. Globally known big names trading under different names in Turkey; below are some well-known Supermarkets in Turkey where you can find all sorts of Baby products; Migros - Kansas - Sok - Bim and even Tesco trading under the name Kippa.

In addition to supermarkets, you can find baby foods in smaller shops and Pharmacies.

There is non of the supermarkets mentioned above in Sarigerme, and they are located more in bigger towns such as Dalaman, Fethiye or Marmaris. However, smaller market shops do stock baby nappies and baby jar foods.

You will find diapers for the active toddler with stretchy sides. They are the brand name Prima which is precisely like Pampers, and Pampers brand is also available. There are plenty of baby food brands available in Turkey, such as Nestle products and many European brands. Baby rice with all sorts of ingredients is plenty on the shelves of the supermarkets, most with the English description.


Your baby's skin must not be exposed to the sunlight; in addition to the baby's sun creams (lots of it), you must make sure that your baby has light pure cotton wear on when exposed to the sunlight. If possible, it is advised to keep in the shade to reduce the risk of getting overheated and sunburned. If possible, lots of liquid to avoid dehydration.

Frequently asked questions

QUESTION : We have a 8 month old baby and were wondering if there is anywere we can buy baby food in a jar in Sarigerme

ANSWER : Yes , there are little supermarket /kiosk type shops in Sarigerme where you can by baby food in Jar 180gr for £1.00 brand name is ULKER.Very populer and trustworthy brand.

QUESTION : is anywere we can buy baby nappies in Sarigerme

ANSWER : Yes, there are little supermarket /kiosk type shops in sarigerme such as LAZ MARKET at the entrance of the Village where you can by baby nappies starting about from 7 sterling.

QUESTION :Where is the nearest place to look if we can not find what we are looking for in Sarigerme.

ANSWER : Well . I am sure you will find what you are looking for, but you can try nearest towns ; ORTACA -DALAMAN, both are 30 minutes away from Sarigerme, there are regular shuttle buses departing from the Village to Ortaca. See the transportation section on this site for further details.

QUESTION : which excursions can I enjoy with my baby in Sarigerme ?

ANSWER : Stay away from long bus excursions ,guides wont like it once your baby starts to cry ..Or excursions like Jeep Safari.But Boat trip would be fine , shade, breeze, water, plenty of space. I can recommand you 12 Island and Dalyan Trip. Both are Boat Trips.

QUESTION : is anywere we can buy baby clothing in Sarigerme

ANSWER : Yes , there is a market every Wednesday in Sarigerme not to mention there are few shops selling kids clothing in Sarigerme. Also in Ortaca -Dalaman and in Koycegiz. Cheap and Quality. Tip : Avoid in the noon ..try to go early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowd and the heat..

Please Note : If your baby is fussy when it comes to certain food etc. then I suggest you pack your baby's supplies.




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