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Please note that Petrol Prices are almost high as in EU and UK

With the new law and legislations, Fines are almost doubled which includes customers who use unlicensed taxis will also be strapped with a cash fine on the spot by the police.

Bribery is no longer widely spread anymore within the police community, those days are long gone and dusted especially on serious offences, as far as I know police has got also a daily target to hit with ticketing and fines,so think twice before you hit the road.

If you wish to drive in Turkey, you are required to carry either an International Driving License issued in the UK or a notarised copy, in Turkish, of your Driving License. Note that provisional driving licences are not recognised.

An 'A' category standard motorcycle licence is required to hire motorcycles over 50cc in Turkey. An 'A1' category 'light motorcycle' driving licence is only suitable for motorcycles below 50cc.

It is against the law not to wear a Helmet. However,you will see lots of driver without helmet. By not wearing a Helmet can result in a heavy fine.

If you see a Car flashing, this means NOT giving way to you.


Take extra precaution if you wish to Hire Car in sarigerme village.

There are ways of running a Rent-Car business which are, One can invest lots of money in order to meet the required legal stuff with all legalities, Or one can buy one or two vehicles and flog it to the passing by tourists (who thinks they have got a bargin) with low daily rental prices.

The question you need to ask your self is this, Why would one spend all the money for the required legall stuff whilest one can buy few cars and flog it to tourists ?

The answer to the above question is Legalites such as insurance etc. There are two kinds of insurance to my knowledge which one of them is the comprehansive Rent a Car cover. This is the most important legal point.

If your Car does not have this and you are involved in fatal accident, you are stuffed like a christmas turkey.

I know for fact that some people are doing rent a car business under the counter so to say. To you it would be impossible to tell the difference.

Some do work with proper Rent-a-Car Agencies (which these agencies are located in Dalaman area) with all required legall paper work, comprehansive rent-car cover etc. I recommend without any hesitation Panda Tour, as this agency does provides service according to the law and by the Book.

Alternatifly if you wish to book trough your Hotel,make sure it is proper brand name such as Avis, Europecar, otherwise you may end up without knowing with one of the amigos. As the receptionist in the Hotels do pass it on to other agents or personals in order to gain quick bug.

Price list includes Rent-A-Car Comprehansive Cover / insurance

5 Seater Car

1 - 7 Days

7+ Days

May £55 £50
June £65 £60
July £65 £60
August £65 £60
September £65 £60
October £55 £50

7 + Seater With Driver Only

1 - 7 Days

7+ Days

Max Hire Time per day is 9 Hours, petrol is not included.
May £140 £150
June £150 £150
July £160 £150
August £160 £150
September £160 £150
October £140 £150


How Do I Book a Car ?

You can reserve your car by contacting us , bare in mind it is difficult to find a car to rent during the high season in the area of sarigerme- dalaman. Book in advance.

How Do I Pay ?

You can pay by Credit Card,Cash (Turkish-Sterlin-Euro-Dolar) or via PayPal

When Do I Pay ?

You pay deposit and the remaining balance must be paid when the car handed to you.

What type of Insurance is included ?

Comprehensive full cover rent a car insurance. Excludes drink driving accidents.

What about Mileage limit ?

No limit on Mileage

Where do I pick up and drop off the Car ?

Drop Off and Pick Up is your Hotel

Can I drop off the Car in a different location ?

No, this is not possible.

What do I need to provide on the day I get my Car ?

You need to provide a Valid Driving Licence (with your photo on) Age Above 25


-Credit Card (they will take a payment slip of your credit card) ,this is a general proceeder,to prevent you to take the car away longer or not returning back or to charge you if you dont report any fine such as speeding ticket. Same as in the UK.




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