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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How safe is Sarigerme for women visitors.

Probably one of the safest places on the Planet, It is a very small community where everyone knows everyone and keeps an eye on whats going on.People simply dont stand and watch but prefer to interfere if any unjustice takes place, no matter what. Addition to this, Sarigerme does have gendarmarie unit which patrols 24 hours the entire surrounding area.

Question :How Hot does it gets in the High Season ?

High season is July and August, it can get very hot. Average 40 C. For detailed information on weather please visit the weather page on this site.

Question :Do I have to have a Visa to get in to Turkey ?

Yes, There are only two ways of optaining a Tourist Visa, at the Turkish missions, and trough turkish government website . Turkish Government is introduced online Visa option ( and has removed optaining Visa's at the entry of Port.

FOR DUMMY'S: You need to log on to website called -the only official website-, enter your details , pay by card . done. Remember to print out your e-visa or if you dont have such facilities, simply save the screen shots on to your mobile phone as a picture.

Question :I am USA Citizen, Do I have to have a Visa to get in to Turkey ?

Yes, you do need to optain a Visa

Question :I have a Gluten intolerance, where can I dine ?

Unfortunatly you are limited, please read our restaurants page for more information.

Question : Where can I play Tennis in the Village ?

If you do not stay in a Hotel where provides such facilities e.g Hilton - Iberhotel- Magiclife- Robinson, you will not be able to play tennis as there are no tennis courts in Sarigerme, mentioned hotels do not welcome non residents.

Question : What is the minimum age requirement to ride a bicycle?

Minimum age to ride a bicycle is 11, if a child caught riding a bicycle under age of 11 on a road or road side where traffic is, parents will be fined in cash


Question : Where is the nearest Hospital ?

Nearest Hospital(s) are in every Town such as ORTACA-DALAMAN-KOYCEGIZ. (30 minutes away from Sarigerme) However, during the summer, there is usually an emergency clinic in the Village with an ambulance.


I would strongly advice you to bring your insurance papers with you. There is one small emergency clinic with Ambulance service in Sarigerme. You will be charged , however you can claim it back when you get back to your country provided you do have sufficient insurance.

Question : Suncreams , are they cheaper in Turkey ?

more or less same price ,maybe a little more expensive

Question : What About Post Office and Banks and ATM ?

There are no Bank(s) in Sarigerme(Osmaniye) but ATM's and one Post Office. If you do need a Bank ? Get a Dolmush or a Taxi to Ortaca or Dalaman. Post office have Western Union service to send and receive money from abroad.

Question : Do I need a Driving Licence for Motorbike ?

Yes,you do need a Valid Driving Licence.(what a question)

Question : How much is a bottle of Beer ?

Depending on where you buy, Local shops sell it around £2, Bars and Restaurants will sell it from £4.00

Question : Any internet Caffee's in Sarigerme ?

No -There is non. However, addition to the Hotels, most business enterprices, shops etc. do offer FREE WIRELESS such as Paradise Restaurant, Dolphin Restaurant , Sarigerme Restaurant

Question : Anything interesting for kids in Sarigerme ?

Check the Kids section on this website

Question : What Duty Free can I bring into UK from Turkey ?

Here we go the fallowing :

200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars, 250g of tobacco ,60cc of perfume ,2 litres of still table wine ,250cc of eau de toilette , 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22 per cent volume or 2 litres of fortified wine, sparkling wine or other liqueurs such as port or sherry and £145 worth of all other goods including gifts and souvenirs.

If you are under 17 you cannot have the tobacco and alcohol allowances.

You are entitled to these allowances only if you travel with the goods and do not sell them.

If you bring in something worth more than the limit of £145, you must pay charges on the full value, not just the value above £145. You and anyone you are travelling with cannot pool your individual allowances to bring in an item worth more than the limit. You will have to pay charges on the full value of the item.

If you are bringing back any duty-free or tax-free goods you bought when you left the UK, these count as part of your allowance.If you also have tobacco or alcohol goods that you bought in an EU country (other than tobacco products over the limit for imports from that country) you will not have to pay any more duty or tax on these so long as: they are for your own use and you can show, if they ask you to, that you have paid duty and tax in an EU country, for example by producing the receipt.




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