National and Local Festivals

1'st sunday of May

Local Kite Competition is becomeing populer year by year since it firts started back in 2005. This Local event takes place at the public beach of Sarigerme Village. People of all ages and backround are wellcome to join this family orientated fun atmosphere.

April 23

National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey is a unique festival. Starting in Izmir and ending in Ankara, the National Sovereignty International Children's Festival honours Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Republic of Turkey. Political celebration, however, is cast aside in favour of concert performances by and for kids of all nationalities. Also children take seats in the Turkish Parliament and symbolically govern the country for one day. National Sovereignty and Children’s Day is an official holiday in Turkey

May 19

Every year on this day, Turkey celebrates the historic arrival of Ataturk at Samsun, marking the beginning of the 1919 War of Independence. Athletes carry the Turkish flag ashore at the Samsun harbour, while memorial wreaths are laid in Ataturk Mausoleum. Rousing ceremonies are held in Ankara, Samsun, Istanbul and other major cities throughout the country. Elsewhere, the Turkish national anthem is sung and speeches are made urging Turkish youth to respect democracy and peace. The Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day is an official holiday in Turkey.

August 30

Victory Day of Turkey, also a public holiday in Turkey. This 30th day of August is celebrated with throughout the country. People hoist the national flag on this day. This day is also called Zafer Bayrami in Turkish. The importance of this day can be well explained and understood by people who have fought for it or the ones who have seen it all. The armed forces also celebrate this day with march-pasts. 30th August give people of Turkey to breath and live in fresh air, air that smells of independence and victory

October 29

Republic Day also known Cumhuriyet Bayrami, is anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic, Turkey's public holiday marking the proclamation of the republic in 1923. Celebrations include the official government ceremony in Ankara's Cankaya Palace, art events in Istanbul and concerts and a torchlight procession in Izmir. Many people in Turkey celebrate Republic Day on October 29 by attending performances and participating in traditional processions with flags and musical bands. The Turkish Republic's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk proclaimed Republic Day as Turkey's most important holiday.

Ramadan Feast (end of fasting at the month of Ramadan)

Ramadan Festival also known Seker Bayrami (Sugar Festival) in Turkish, or the festival of the breaking of the fast, is Turkey's three-day religious/national holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan. As this festivity depends on the start of the new moon, dates may vary. The Ramadan festival comes after one month of fasting. There are also many traditions regarding the fasting month, which is known as Ramadan Month. In this period, people orgainised many different forms of entertainments. Karagoz and Hacivat is one of the examples of Ramadan shows. In rural areas, people gathered in houses and in coffee houses where wandering minstrels used to play instruments and sing. Added to these wandering minstrel songs, folk stories that could last up to a few days are recounted.

Feast of the Sacrifice

The main characteristic of the Feast of the Sacrifice is that people, neighbours, relatives and friends pay visits and go to see each other. Young people kiss their parents' hands and receive best wishes and blessings from them. It is a tradition to give money or little gifts to those childreen who kiss one's (parents ,relatives) hands. The Feast of the Sacrifice is celebrated with same excitement as Ramadan in Turkey. This festival takes place in Islam as a memory of the story in which a ram brought down by angels just at the moment when the Prophet Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son to God. During the Feast of the Sacrifice, not only sweets but also the meat of sacrificial animal are served to guests. The point of the sacrifice is to share the meat with people whom are not financially fortunate.




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