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The most suitable way of announcement is to ask Imam to call people for a funeral service for deceased.

The death is declared from a mosque minaret by the muezzin; name of the deceased, funeral time and place.

Friends and relatives who hear the death will come together in the house of death try to share grief of close family members, to console them, to help them to do initial preparations.

Followings are the most seen transactions:

Deceased is washed, Eyes of the death is closed, jaw is tied, feet are come together, hands are laid side by side and on belly, wrapped in white shroud, placed in a wooden coffin

Preparation consists of three important operation,washing of corpse, wrapping in shroud and performing prayer at the funeral.

Anybody who died is prepared for burial as quick as possible.

If a person died at night, in the morning, burial ceremony is performed at the time of afternoon prayer, if he/she died afternoon, corpse remains at that night and buried in the morning.

Burial may be delayed for arrival of relatives who lived at distant places.

Female corpses are washed by women washers, male corpses by male washers. Persons who perform this work are professional washers, imams, experienced washers, religious men/women, one of individuals in the house of death or among neighbours in case of absence of any professional person, and in same places deceased persons loved ones upon his/her will.

Washing is carried out in washing rooms of morgue or wash houses of the cemeteries at cities, at a secluded corner of garden of house in villages.

The coffin is carried to the table outside in the courtyard of a mosque on people's shoulders before prayers. Nobody stands in front of the funeral procession and people in the street stand up and salute the funeral motionless and in silence.

While the coffin rests guarded on the table outside, people perform their regular prayers in the mosque.

From within the mosque, following the prayers, they all come out and line up in front of the coffin to take part in the funeral service under the leadership of the Imam.

At the end of the short service, the Imam asks people what they thought of the deceased and answers are always positive,He/She was good. May God bless him/her. Mercy be upon his soul, etc. The coffin is carried to the cemetery by a hearse followed by a long convoy.

Graves are rectangular in shape and designed to accommodate only one person.

The deceased is buried in only the shroud not the coffin.

The body is laid on its right shoulder facing the direction of Mecca.

The tombstone is on the head's side.

The Imam's prayers signify the end of the burial.

At the end of the service everyone lieves Imam and the deceased on their own so Imam can remind the deceased Laud out :Your Lord is Allah, your faith is Islam, Your book is Quaran,Your prophet is Muhammed, may Allah have mercy on your soul this how the burial service finishes. This ritual is more a cultural tradition and has no place in Islam as Quran clearly states that "Surely you do not make the dead to hear, and you do not make the deaf to hear the call when they go back retreating."

The deceased is commemorated on the seventh and fifty-second days of his death with Islamic readings, mevlit, which is another cultural activity and has no place in islam.

Sometimes big funerary meals or halvah are offered to the poor and visiting people.

Facts :

Ritual would not allow a women to participate in the burial

Male get barried waist depth , female chest depth

Most clothes ,Shoes etc. of the deceased given away to those who are in need

Planting a Cypress tree next to tombstone aswell as placing waterbowls for the wildlife

Funeral services are not held for the stillborn.


I thought it would be something different for you if I could give you some insight about the funerals in the area in general..The information provided here is not in depth, please refer to an Islamic Site regarding this topic for detailed info.




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