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There is a 24/7 emergency unit in the Village which actually operates on behalf of a Private Hospital located in the town of Ortaca, with good reputation.

Question :Is there a Pharmacy in Sarigerme ?
Answer : Yes there is one Pharmacy in Sarigerme.

Question : Where is this only one Pharmacy in Sarigerme ?
Answer : It is located on the right hand side as you walk in to the Village.

Question :If the one in the Village closed,where is the nearest one ?
Answer : in the Village of Yesilyurt approx. 4 mile away, Dalaman Town and Ortaca Town each about 20 minutes away from Sarigerme.

Please Note that the Chemist in Sarigerme is open 7 days a week from 9am till midnight during the Touristic Season, between May and October.


Why don't you pack some emergency items into your bag which you are familier with. Such as Pain Killers, Ear drops, Constipation tablets etc.


Nearest Dentist are located in Ortaca Town and Dalaman Town.

Both Towns are approx 25 minutes away from Sarigerme. There are plenty Dentice practice available.

Unfortunatly they are not open 24/7 . In case of an emergency , if you require a dentist in the middle of night your best option would be the nearest Private Hospital, unless you know the mobile number of a Dentist.

It is well worth considering a Dentist appoinment to be arranged before your arrival, prices are ridiculously cheap compared to UK and EU , the quality of their service is probably better if not same.

General Information

Eczane's (Pharmacies) are open from 09:00 - 17:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

They are closed on Sundays but there is always one, open 24 hours in each neighbourhood. Every Pharmacy will have a display in its window, which is posted each evening, on Sunday, and on statutory and religious holidays, listing the name and location of the Duty Pharmacy, Nobetci Eczane

Such a system ensures that during crucial moments you will always to find one open pharmacy in your neighbourhood, for example, should you run out of baby formula on a Sunday, or find yourself in need of headache medication at midnight.

Price Examples for 2021

Nasal Spray for Kids called OTRIVINE: 10 TL
Nasal Spray for Adults called OTRIVINE: 12 TL
Paracetemol for kids called PAROL : 6 TL
Painkiller : NOVALGIN 10 TL
Painkiller : VERMIDON 10 TL
VIAGRA 100 mlg 4 tablets : 250 TL
LEVITRA (turkish version of viagra) 20 mlg 2 tablets : 100 TL
Antibiotic called CIPRO 750ml 14 Tablet 25 TL




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