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Do not leave sarigerme before you have done certain things or seen some lovely parts of it including the surrounding area. If you decide to stay around the pool and not leave your Hotel whilest your entire Holiday then you can not say that you have been in Turkey.


We would like to mention here the famous Turtle Beach.

You can visit this place either via Dalyan Mudbath trip or simply by booking Turtle Beach Santuary trip. It take about 40 minutes to get there from Sarigerme. There is Cafee, Toilets, Sun beds and Sun umbrellas available.

Also you do get the chance to see the lovely Sea Turtles. We do organizing this trip. You get picked up from your Hotel and returned back to your Hotel.

Dalyan in the evenings

Dalyan is very lively during the evening ,lots of life music bands, plenty of shops Dalyan is 30 minutes- away from Sarigerme.

Dalyan Mudbaths

By joining in to this trip you will see and learn much of the wild nature as well as the ancient History combined with mudbaths experience. Ideal for all ages.

12 Island Boat Trip

Visiting crystal clear bays, regular swimming breaks, BBQ on the Boat..sound good? Well, it is even better then we have described above as the views are breath taking.

Turkish Bath and Turkish Barber

Well, it is a known fact that if one has not been in a proper Turkish Bath (not one of the Hotel baths) one can not understand Turkey and its culture. Obviously blokes must take a seat on a Barbers chair to experience the smooth detailed shave.

Eat Proper Turkish Meal at a non-touristic Local Restaurant

I urge you to give a try to a proper Turkish Restaurant, If you can make your way out in the evenings try a Local Restaurant where used by locals only and not known by the tourists. Gulluk Restaurant near Dalyan hidden amongst styrax trees , a council run fantastic restaurant where food is fresh and served with a great service.

Another council run restaurant would be in Sarigerme on the way to Holiday Village and Hilton road, beauttiful food, clean and fresh. Probably the best in terms of food quality, price, service and cleanleness is the DAC Restaurant, it is a semi-open prison restaurant run by the prisoners. Located on the main rode near the central Dalaman, it can be very busy, so have some patience.

Visit a Proper Local Market

I do not mean by that the Wednesday Market in the village as it is a rip-off, purpose build, hassle hell place.

I mean by proper market ; The Friday Market, takes place on Fridays in Ortaca.

No need to book this via Travel agent as shuttle busses "Dolmush" leaving from 8am from sarigerme to ortaca see the transportation section on this site.

Useful Word: Nerde ? Where ?

Go to Yuvarlak Cay

Its on the way to Koycegiz (from Ortaca), Famous place for having Lunch or Dinner. This is the place where the most jeep safari tours stopping. Avoid the usual lunch hour.

It is beautiful ,water streams running across the restaurant, forest.

Price list is not expensive, fish baked in the oven with salad is around 8 pounds , also choice of chicken, meat, salad, beverage ect.

There are few Restaurants On the way to Yuvarlak Cay, you can enjoy the fantastic views of the mountains and hills.

Go to Kocagol Village

Kocagol is a tiny lakeside Village of just 6 houses, located on a rough road on Sarsala Beach, just 10 minutes' drive from the Dalaman airport and the Sarsala beach.

It is inhabited unspoiled hospitable old fashioned village families who always have a smiling face and a helping hand.

Their simple way of life allows them to live off their land, producing wheat for their bread and keeping chickens and goats to produce eggs, milk and cheese.

At There are no shopping facilities,take your Food with you.Nearest Village where you can buy Food is 3km away at Kapikargin Village

Butterfly Valley in Fethiye

The Butterfly Valley near Fethiye is a hidden gem of Turkey's Turquoise Coast.

Deep, steep and accessible only by boat or via the Lycian Way walking trail, it is a protected site because millions of butterflies.

Over 30 daytime species including the Jersey Tiger Moth and 40 noctural species come here to breed between June and September.




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