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Let me start with saying that The government extends the residence permit from three months to one year for house buyers from oversees with a law change, aiming to eliminate obstacles in front of the foreign buyers.

For the article about Sarigerme losing its Village Status see the bottom of this page.

On high demand after receiving numerous emails and calls from all around the globe regarding investing in a property in Sarigerme, Dalaman and Dalyan area, I have decided to place my own personal views on this site to give you a little bit more insight into whether or not purchasing a real estate in Turkey.

I suggest you read this page throughout if you are considering to purchase a property in Sarigerme or the surrounding area such as Dalaman, Dalyan, Ortaca. There are many reasons why should you purchase or rent a property in Sarigerme and Dalaman area as well as reasons not to purchase.

To start with, it is the weather which gives you pleasant temperatures throughout the year so much so that you won't need a heating system most of the year.

You can wake up every morning to bird tweets and bright clear sky. Living cost is rather cheap in Turkey when it is compared to the UK and Europe with plenty of weekly markets in the area where one can purchase the freshest and delicious fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers.

If you are a Sun Lover, Fishing enthusiastic, Bird watcher, Beer lover, Sea and nature admirer, sunset hunter, golfer, whatever you like to do most, there is always something to do and see for everyone from all walks of lives as the surrounding area provides you with a great range of to-do list.

Not to mention bills like council tax are ten times less and your bins get collected every day :), Water and electricity is half the price compared to the UK.

Sounds all good. However, I have to point out here on something rather important before I continue to tell you all the nice things. Do not become a statistic by not doing your homework carefully.

Be careful; you may end up with lots tears

There are incidents when it comes to buying a property in Turkey where customers like yourselves ending with their dreams shattered. Usually, the story is the same, nice starts but lots tears at the end.

As an alternatif, efore you decide to purchase a House or your dream Villa; you can consider renting a property, if you are not sure or not willing to settle for a long period of time. Thus gives you the flexibility of freedom by renting a nice house, villa, or an apartment not more than 5K a year.

This way, you can find out how you would feel about living in Turkey without investing your savings into something you are not fully sure of. Bare in mind, that, a lot of people , during or after buying their first property do experience alot of unplesant surprisez.

Take your time and do it with the right people. Foreign nationals who wish to buy real estate in Turkey are advised by the Turkish Foreign Ministry that;

- not to sign legally binding sales contracts or make any payments before obtaining information at the correct Land Title Registry Office about the immovable involved.

- not to initiate procedures before investigating the salespersons or agencies involved, and to refrain from conducting business with persons or agencies who are not able to provide sufficient proof of their credibility.

I like to recommend here a person you may find it rather very useful as in this climate you would like to deal with someone who you can have trust, who is a registered, real estate business owner within the Village of Sarigerme. He is a calm and welcoming person with a trustworthy personality known to the community. Drop me a line so I can provide his contact details.

Now back to where I left ;

Crime rates are significantly lowered than in most parts of Europe. Turkish culture allows you to have a laid back lifestyle. All year round operating Dalaman Airport being within the short travel distance in the area makes it even easier to travel back and forward.

For the same price, you would pay in the UK for a tiny cottage or one-bedroom flat in England one can actually purchase a nice spacious Villa with a garden possibly with a swimming pool in sarigerme village or the surrounding area such as Dalaman, Dalyan.

Type of properties are not limited in the area, ranging from top-notch Villas with swimming pools and a large garden with citrus trees, Typical Turkish Farm Houses, lush apartments with communal swimming pools and gardens to ordinary basic apartments in the village or nearby towns. You can even build your house with your own style and design. Possibilities are endless.

I have to mention here that building your own house from scratch to completion in full, won't take more than five months as the weather is always ideal for construction.

If you wish to find out more about purchasing a property in the village of sarigerme then contact Teryaki Estate Agency as mentioned above with your specific requirements and he can discuss with you the available options to fulfil your dreams.

When buying a property in Turkey, the legal procedures are really quite straight forward.


Not exactly my favourites, they can be a big pain in the backside, do your homework well before you purchase any, check out the neigbours and the mangement.

Sarigerme has become a Neigbourhood of Ortaca Town

Direct effects of Transformation to Sarigerme

For the investers in the area, this all means to me one word, development.

Thankfully Sarigerme Village after becoming a neighbourhood of Ortaca Municipality has undergo number of serious and fast plastic surgery.

Facelift has been effective in all areas from roads to residential planning structure.

Obviously transportation issues between the villages did resolve in favour of the travellers which means more and frequent shuttles.

Since the administration power moved from one man rule to the hands of more complex govern municipality body, things are running and administered more efficient and clearer. Certain forgotton things or stuff at the bottom of the priorty did see the daylight.

On the other hand however this all above might sound great, this started having a negative effect on the wildlife, the calm tranquality and lifestyle of the area effected greatly since the necessary procautions are not taken.

One can imagine a picture where a small Village turning into a super duper doo area where rich arrives to relax and signup businesess on the nearly forgotton long overdue Golf Course.


Settlements with populations below 5,000 are classified as villages. They are administered by a village association, a council of elders and a Village headman (muhtar)

Neighbourhoods are sub-units within municipalities, and each neighbourhood is led by an elected headman and a council of elders.Neighbourhoods are not local governments,however the law provides for their participation in some aspects of local government.

Neigbbourhoods -mahalle- within municipal borders do not have public legal personality,these Neigbbourhoods have shard needs and priorities,have a community relationship amongst residents and are led by Neigbbourhood Headman and their council of elders who are elected by the public.

Neigbourhood Headman plays a dual role, on the one hand performs some of the duties and responsibilities as a unit of the central administration,while on the other hand ensures the deliveryof local services in the neighbourhoodby working in close cooperation with the municipality with which it is affiliated.

The Municipality is responsible for providing the necessary assistance in kind and support within the limits of its budgetary resources,to meet the needs of the neighbourhood and the headmans office and resolve any issues. It will also considerthe neighbourhood residents common wishes when making decisions and will endeavour to ensure that servicesare provided in such a way as to meet the neighbourhoods needs.




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