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Are there any Restaurant or Bar in the Village ?

Everything you need, to have a nice Time, is available in Sarigerme. Bars -Pubs-Restaurants. Staff are very pleasent towards their guests, All very clean and fresh looking bussiness enterprises.

Can you recommend us any restaurant ?

I personally prefer non-touristic clean, delicious food and very good service providing local establishments. These restaurants are usually not visible to tourists due to their locations. One is recently opened between the Hilton/Tui Holiday Resorts and the actual village near the canal, the camp site , run by the council. Reasonably priced.

Do Restaurants have only Local Menu ?

Not at all, you can find all sorts,English ,Italian ect.

What price range are we looking at ?

Please do not Haggle in a Restaurant as this can be seen very rude, prices are whats on the menu is. Except on Fish, traditionally one can bargain on fish as it is usually sold per kg, make sure you do agree on price before you order your fish dish.

It depents on what you wish to have really. But the price list is usually at the entrance on the Menu Board, so you can check it out before you join.

Average Price List in english sterling is as follows;

Fried Sea Bream or Sea Bass £6.50

Fried Calamari £6.00

Fried or Grilled Shrimps £7.70

Mushroom Steak, Diana Steak , Mexican Steak, Lamb Cutlet £8.70

Meat Saute or Meat Roasting £6.00

Lamb Curry £7.00

Usually main courses do come with Garnish, Rice, Chips ect

Alcholic Drinks

All Bars in the Village sell all kinds of alcholic drinks and Prices are more or less same everywhere , prices shown here are in Turkish Lira ;

Bottle Beer Prices : Efes 60, Corona 70, Becks 75, Carlsberg 55, Cider 40, Magners 50, Miller 55

Whilst Local Vodka, Cin, Raki are 10 tl, all Imported drinks are 35 Lira such as Smirnoff, Malibu, Archers, Amaretto, Kahlua, Tia Maria, JD, JB, Jameson, JimBim, Chivas Regal

I have Gluten intolerance, what do I do ?

I would like to advise you strongly to be aware that you should not trust in any food sold in any restaurants or bars regarding Gluten or Wheat free products, not that you will find any on their menus but even if you tell them that you have Gluten Intolerance,  I am not sure they will understand the importance of providing you an absolute 100% Gluten Free meal.

If you take into consideration that 99% of Turkish Meals does includes Wheat/Gluten products with the exception of Salad menus ,this will give you an idea how difficult it can be to find a restaurant serving its customers Gluten free meals.

You may order just a salad , however if this salad is produced in a Kitchen where heavily wheat flour or wheat /gluten product been used then one does not need to be a genious to know that the salad ordered may be contaminated. Please let me know if you know otherwise.

However, most super markets do sell gluten free flour brands as well as gluten free cookies on their shelfs. Turkish word for Gluten free is : GLUTENSIZ, Also Gluten Intolerance is known in Turkish as COLYAK HASTALIGI

Where can I watch Live Sports ?

I reckon your best and first bet should be The North Pub when it comes to Live Sports in English. Watch your Premiere Leage, F1, Basketball, Sky Sports on Huge Screen in English Language. The North Pub is located next to Dolphin Restaurant, you cant miss it.

Is there any NIGHT CLUB in Sarigerme ?

Yes there is a Night Club in Sarigerme addition to the Bars. This night club called Club M&S , this club is nearby Alinn Hotel,about 20 min walk from the sarigerme village.

Where else i can go out other then Sarigerme ?

There is Dalyan, 30 minutes away from Sarigerme. Lots of Bars and Pubs with life music e.g Blues-Rock-Jazz.

Also Hisaronu is full of life only 40 minutes away.You can consider even Marmaris for proper full blow. Check out excursion section on this site for more information on night out tours.




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