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The sarigermanians are sunni muslims like the overhelming majority of the country. There is a Mosque in the Village.

It is imparative that you do know a little about Islam, especialy if you are coming during the ramadan month which ramadan month is considered as a Holly Fasting Month.

The dates of Ramazan change each year, moving approximately 11 days earlier, which means that the Islamic holy month falls in all seasons a one time or another.

Holy Month of Muslims, RAMAZAN falls in 2022 between Saturday, 02 April May - Sunday, 01 May

If you happen to travel in Turkey during Ramazan enjoy this special time,but be aware of how it may affect your travel plans.

In real Turkey , meaning out of Touristic areas, some businesses and offices may have shorter working hours, so check times in advance.

Restaurants may require reservations in the evening, and may serve only elaborate fixed-menu, fixed-price meals and no alcoholic beverages .(again , this can apply out of touristic areas)

On the last day of Ramazan, businesses may close in the afternoon in preparation for Seker Bayrami(bayram means fest or selebration), which begins at sunset and lasts for three days.

Transport services may be particularly busy as people travel for vacation, so reserve your seats in advance. At the end of Seker Bayrami, transport may be busy as travelers return home.

Seker Bayrami is a 3-day national holiday, so offices will be closed and transport may be on holiday schedules, but most museums, archeological sites and similar visitor sights will be open and may be particularly busy. Special lower holiday admission rates may be in force.

When Ramazan comes in the warmer months , and observant Muslims choose to fast and go without drinking anything from sunrise to sunset—and the days are much longer in summer, some people may become a bit touchy due to the difficulty of the fast.

It's good to keep this in mind, to be polite in all circumstances, and to refrain from eating or drinking in front of those who may be observing the fast, whenever possible.


Fasting is letting nothing pass the lips: no food, drink, chewing gum, tobacco smoke or, for the strictly observant, not even licking an envelope or postage stamp from sunrise to sunset.

Muslims also refrain from sexual intercourse during the holy month between fasting hours.Muslims, whether strictly observant or not, use the holy month and the stricture of fasting to help them examine their lives, to remind themselves of virtues like charity, compassion and forgiveness, and to avoid vices like cupidity, selfishness and dishonesty. Basicly living like a Human.

Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramazan. Restaurants are less busy at lunch, and there's even less Turkish tea in evidence;which is amazing. If you're in Turkey during Ramazan, it's polite to refrain from eating and drinking in public during daylight hours. Rather, do it inside a restaurant, tea house, cafe , or other private or semi-private area.

Muslim restaurant and cafe staff, who may be fasting themselves, will understand if you are non-Muslim and will be happy to serve you. Some eateries may cover their windows with curtains so as not to distract those fasting by the sight of others eating.

The day after the last day of Ramazan is Seker bayrami everyone will be visiting their relatives and elderly.

Everyone will dress up smart and will have new clothing where appropriate ,treat the children and exchange gifts.

However, Sarigerme is a Touristic area, therefore you may not exprience all this above mentioned.

Before entering a mosque , REMEMBER ;

Muslims wash themselves and remove their shoes.
-Foreign visitors MUST also remove their shoes .
-Show the RESPECT you would in any other house of worship.
-Avoid visiting the mosque during prayer time.
-Women MUST cover their heads and arms, not wear miniskirts.
-Men should NOT wear shorts.


The information provided here is not in depth, please refer to an Islamic Site regarding this topic for detailed info.




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