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Addition to several well stocked mini Supermarkets in the Village, there are all kinds of Shops available in Sarigerme, however, non of the shops are an authorised seller of the branded products. Withother words do not accept to find original branded items. Business opening hours during the tourist season are usually from early in the morning till very late into the night

Prices are market much higher then local standarts, with other words, you will be paying in Tourist prices

Shopkeepers are not pushy sales people but more relaxed and laidback compared to the ones in Marmaris and some touristic markets, Sarigerme is almost Hussle Free.

There are no obligation to purchase a product when you enter a shop and been offered a drink, its in Turkish Tradition to Serve and Host the Customer in most pleasent way.

You can haggle, if you believe that the item is not worth the price you have been given. But, ones you agree to a price, it is considered very rude not to purchase.

shops in sarigerme are open from early in the morning untill midnight during tourist season

In the shops of Sarigerme you can find all kinds of stuff including ;

  • Women | Kids and Man Wear
  • T-shirts
  • Jewellery
  • Handbags, Suitcases, Bags
  • Shoes, Boots
  • Clothes, Jeans
  • Sunglasses, Watches
  • Toys and Souvenier
  • Caps, Hats
  • Altough non of it are original brands but really good quality stuff for men, kids and women.

    If you can not find what you are looking for in sarigerme shops, there are nearby towns such as Dalaman and Ortaca with more shops you might find it worth visiting if you are after big shopping.


    There is a Market on every Sunday in Sarigerme Village which is purpose build touristic market, it is a ripp off and Stall owners in the market can be some times pushy, annoying and rude. Majority of the stall owners of sarigerme market are originally not from sarigerme village, they come from different areas of the region. If you decide to go, you will notice that no local person shops in that market, because it is a purpose build touristic market.

    When it comes to other markets ,they are all same, as same sales people moving around, from one town to another, therefore don't think you would be better off visiting a market then the other.

    The Fethiye Market however which takes place on every Tuesday seems the biggest one. Visitors to this market are both locals and tourists. Rather very large market with plenty of eateries, toilets etc.


    Market Days in the area :

    Mondays in Koycegiz
    Tuesdays n Fethiye
    Wednesdays in Dalaman
    Thursdays in Mugla
    Fridays in Ortaca
    Saturdays in Dalyan


    If you wish to visit and experience a proper local market, then I suggest you consider the Market in Ortaca Town , which takes place on every friday (the alternative would be the Mugla Market). And it is very easy to get there from/to Sarigerme as the last stop for the Dolmushes leaving from Sarigerme to Ortaca are litteraly dropping you off next to the Market at the Ortaca Bus Station.

    Flag a Dolmush (see transportation page) what ever time you wish to go. Journey takes about 30 minutes, get off at the last stop which is the bus station of Ortaca. Market place is next to the Bus Stop.

    Visit the Market and shops in the Town, When you feel like you need to go back to your Hotel go to Bus station, get the dolmush back to sarigerme.

    Dolmushes (shuttle buses) from sarigerme to Ortaca operating from 8am till 8pm




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