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Excursions and Tours from Sarigerme

List of Excursions in Sarigerme, please click here to see in PDF format

Beware of the Cheap and Dirty Tricks of some Tour Operater Holiday Reps :


Let's look at the Excursions of Tour Operators; most of their Excursions are based on visiting Shopping Centres. Most Trips include Carpet and Jewellery Centre visits, so they can charge up to 30% commission behind your back after your shopping in these places.

Ask your tour operater such as Tui, First Choice, Thomas Cook and others to find out wether or not they have shopping in their excursions.

You will be spending, if not by force, more than an Hour in these carpet-jewellery places instead, then being out and doing some sightseeing. Once you are there, for whatever reason, you will be offered drinks, and soon you will be approached by professional sales staff who will convince you to spend your money.

Say you agreed to purchase that carpet or jewellery you always wanted. When you swipe your credit card, you can be sure that up to 30 per cent of the money you have spent is shared between the guide, travel agency, and person who booked your ticket, including the driver with the smallest percentage.

You wanted to take your family, friends or your other half for a lovely day out, to see some places, not for a surprise shopping visit. What would you call this rip-off? Yes, me too.

Misleading and Cheap Tricks of Holiday Reps :

During the Welcome Cocktail meetings or one-to-one chats, they will tell you all sorts of nasty stuff about the local agencies to book you.

Reps will tell you that Local Agencies do not have relevant insurance and do not turn up to pick up clients, etc.

It is a BIG LIE. Don't fall into this trap. Every local travel agent does have all required licenses and is a member of the association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB); this is equal to ABTA in the UK. All vehicles operating on behalf of Local T. Agents hold all required licenses and are fully insured and Airconditioned.

Holidaymakers staying at the Hilton Hotel Dalaman Sarigerme resort and spa are in an even worse situation when booking excursions via the Hotel. These guests will be passed on to a local agency and charged if not double, by the hotel staff for a quick buck. To avoid this, do not book it via the Hotel Staff. Be warned.

Be aware of paid trolls on Facebook pages

Some people have set up Hotel Facebook pages that are misleading visitors to the area. These "paid" trolls' primary duty is to divert the Hotel customers or visitors to a specific company or shop and make them think that these are the only reliable company or shops to spend their money with. These Trolls have a financial gain from this agreement; they Refer the visitors and get something in return. It is not that hard to figure it out.

The truth is far from it. Many other companies or shops in the village or nearby area offer similar, identical, and even better services or products. So, my note to you is; please ignore the referral scum, as I call it, and go with anyone you do think their services are fit for your requirements.

Local Travel Agencies

Local Travel Agents are locally owned, family-run businesses and are the acknowledged experts in tours and activities in the region.

By purchasing online, you have the convenience of pre-booked excursions and pick-up, and drop-off service is included.

Recommended Trips in Sarigerme

See here for List of Excursions in Sarigerme in PDF format

  • 12 Island Boat Trip (is a must)

  • Dalyan Mudbaths with Turtle Beach

  • Turtle Sancuary with Yuvarlakcay

  • Fishing and Crabbing

  • Turkish Bath

  • Tlos Ancient City and Yakapark

  • Hire a Private Boat with Crew

Suitable Trips for Families with little Children

There are few trips the little ones can enjoy.

Fishing and Crabbing - what a day trip, kids love it, full stop.

12 ISLAND Boat trip is a must if your kid enjoys swimming. All-day long in crystal clear waters swimming with BBQ, plenty of space for kids

Full-day DALYAN MUDBATH with Turtle Beach Trip is ideal for any age. Constant changing scenery keeps everyone occupied. Different stuff to do, such as getting into the mud, seeing the little turtles and species of birds, and stopping at the beach. Also, guides are trying to show you even giant turtles (depending on the boat traffic) and some live crabs. Kids can steer the Boat where possible. Boats are shady and specious to accommodate Buggies and Pushchairs for Babies and toddlers, with plenty of breaks in between.

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: Do we get picked up from our Hotel?
  • Answer: Yes, you will be picked up from your Hotel
  • Question: Are drinks included on excursions with our meals?
  • Answer: Drinks not included.
  • Question: Can I take the pushchair with me?
  • Answer:Yes, there is always space on board or by Bus.
  • Question: We are a large group; can we arrange a private tour?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: What currency can I pay with?
  • Answer: You can pay with Sterling, Euro, Dolar, Turkish Lira
  • Question: Can I pay with a debit or credit card
  • Answer: Yes, you can BUT BE AWARE OF -Your-BANK CHARGES
  • Question: I have a query regarding the excursions you provide.
  • Answer: Do not hesitate to contact.


Avoid the queues in hot weather during your precious Holiday. Planning your Holiday before arrival can save you time and give you the convenience of being picked up from your Hotel within the arranged time.

Enjoy your Holiday with a well-established family-run business in Sarigerme, Turkey, with over 30 years of experience in the Tourism Industry.

We take our business seriously and take great pride in our work.

We do Excursions, Trips and Tours from Sarigerme, Dalaman, to the surrounding area, as well as Boat Hire services and Airport Transfers.

We have all Excursions and Tours.

Sarigerme Dalaman area offers a lot of things to see, from Boat Trips in crystal clear azure waters of the mediterranean sea to cultural sightseeing tours into the heart of the countryside.

Of course, some exciting outdoor activities are available for those seeking adrenalin, such as Scuba Diving, Rafting and Tandem Paragliding.

We have not forgotten the shopaholics and added shopping trips to nearby towns such as Fethiye and Marmaris markets.

Our night-out section is ideal for all adults looking for a proper clubbing or night shopping in Marmaris, Fethiye or Dalyan.

Wedding Reception, Hen and Stag Night Outs

Romantic couples don't need to look further as we have Moonlight Trip, and if you are getting married in sarigerme, then we have different reception venues available, including hen and stag night outs.

We have Humans behind every email-get in touch.

Note to above mentioned tour operators :

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