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thisisturkey.net provides information to the touristic sites of Turkey and provides booking facilities for Dalaman Airport Transfers, Accommodatin and excursions in those mentioned areas within this site including Car Hire and Charter Yacht Service

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All Prices showen on this site are for the High Season and not reflect out of season prices.

1- Customers with any preexisting medical conditions must inform at the time of booking, this is important.

2-Children must accompanied by legal guardians at all time, and legal guardians are alone fully responsible for the Children.

3-If you do not turned up on aggreed time, conducting company will get a signed paper from the hotel security and/or of your receptionist showing you were not at present on agreed time, in this case you will be not refunded.

4-If you decide to cancel the trip and request a full refund then you must do this 48 hours before the trip. After this you may lose the refund..

5-What ever trip OR Service you book, you are insuared by the Local Travel Agency who is conducting your trip /service .

6-On all excursions booked online, you will be picked up from your accommodation and returned unless otherwise stated.

7-On Jeep Safari min age is 8 and there is no half price.

On Diving and Rafting min. Age is 12 and there is no half price

On Horse min. Age is 8 and there is no half price

8-Drinks are not included within the price.

9-Tour guide has the final say during the trip, regarding the route, places to see and return time.

10-thisisturkey.net reserve the right to make changes on routes,vehicles,boats, prices, dates and time without giving any prior notice on this site or any other sites. Every possible steps will be taken to inform pre-booked customers if such thing happens.

11-All excursions and services mentioned here are upto date and where possible kept regularly updated and does not reflect in any way the services of tour operaters such as Tui, Thomsons or First Choice but only Local Travel Agents and individuals operating in the surrounding area.

Refund Policy

You will be unable to obtain a refund or amend a hotel booking 2 day before your stay, or anytime thereafter.

You will be unable to obtain a refund a trip booking 2 day before your trip day, or anytime thereafter.

You will be unable to obtain a refund for a transfer 2 day before your transfer, or anytime thereafter.

Where it is possible to cancel a booking and obtain a refund, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £20.

Where any amendment to a booking 2 day before your stay reduces the total number of rooms or nights required, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £20 per room, per night.


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