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If you have tried all sorts to get rid-off your pains and aches on your back or joints with no results, then maybe it is time for you to consider natural remedies, mineral baths.

Thermal, mineral bath in Koycegiz lake cures and helps rheumatism.Joint aches lower significantly, temperature and pulse rate normalizes, lassitude and lack of appetite end. Mineral water helps rheumatism arthritis, mainly.

It is also useful to decrease the joint problems caused by operations.

Helps to heal Rheumatic, respiratory and epidermal ailments, poor circulation and heart disease, nervous conditions, gynaecological, kidney and urinary tract conditions, weak metabolism.

Package programmes available for the Winter Season for those who are seeking tranquillity and relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Sultaniye Thermal Baths are in Koycegiz district of Mugla City, at Sultaniye village.

Thermal Baths healing cures rheumatism in Turkey


The water (32-42 C) contains chloride, sodium, hydrogen sulfide and bromide. Both the drinking and the bath waters have a relaxing and beneficial effect on sufferers of ;

  • Rheumatism
  • Skin and Blood Disorders
  • Heart Ailments
  • Bronchitis
  • Nervous Complaints
  • Kidney and Urinary complaints
  • Metabolic Disorders

  • There is also mudbaths next to this Thermal spring Pools. Some local agents do take its clients to these Baths on Dalyan excursions.

    Water temperature are as follows:

  • Large Hamam Spring - 39C
  • Dome Hamam Spring - 41.9C
  • Sultaniye Drinking Spring - 32C

  • pH value of the springs are as follows:

  • Large Hamam Spring - 6.68
  • Dome Hamam Spring -6.65
  • Sultaniye Drinking Spring - 6.74

  • Physical and chemical properties:

  • Each spring contains one of all of the following properties - Chlorine, sodium, hydrogen sulphide, bromide, radioactive, hyperthermal, hypertonic.

  • Talk to your GP and Give it a Try with the nature

    How much does it cost and what is included

  • Accommodation with Hot Shower.
  • Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner
  • Everydat Return Transport to Thermal Baths
  • Cooking sessions at no extra cost.
  • Walking excersizes in Koycegiz and Woodland
  • Return Airport Transfer from/to Dalaman Airport

  • 1 Person 2 Weeks £1100

    2 Person 2 Weeks £1550

    1 Person 4 Weeks £1800

    2 Person 4 Weeks £2900

    Above Prices include Full Breakfast, Snack Lunch and Evening Meal and Hot Drinks at Breakfast are included. Hot Drinks are included all day as long as you know how to use Kettle.

    If you decide to Book 10% deposit is required.

    We highly recommend you to take part during late Autumn, Winter and early spring as Summer season may be too hot for everyday Thermal Sessions.

    Please do not hesitate to contact if you wish to book.

    It is important that pregnant ladies and those with high blood pressure problems with serious heart conditions can not and must not take part unless their GP advices otherwise.


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