Sarigerme near Dalaman in Turkey


sarigerme is a small place and it has got enough to offer for a short time visitor. Pubs, Restaurants, Shops with fake and original stuff, Beach, Wildlife, Sun shine, excursions. Ideal for families, first time Turkey and tranqulity seekers.

For detailed information please visit the website with full of information for the area where you can find all sort information including excursion and airport transfers booking to/from Holiday Village, Hilton Hotel, Alinn Hotel , Caria Hotel and all to others.

There is some kind of a magic with this place , I do not know what it is but there is certainly something as ones you do step your foot on this different place you will be likely coming back to Sarigerme or nearby.

As a constant traveler my self have to admit that i have seen hell of alot better places but because of what I have mentioned above I do keep coming back and back to this place.

I am not saying that there is nothing I dislike ! Of course there is such as some sort of people which they presents do annoy me in the Village but hey this will not change my general view of this beautiful spot on the planet.

In 2014 we have been seeing some changes in the Village of Sarigerme with new shops and properties build, added to the existing ones.

Golf Courts of Hilton Hotel which is advertised by Thomson Holidays since 2009 aswell as by others but it seems like playing Golf is a bit difficult. To be honest with you I did had my doubts that the Golf Course will be ready for 2014, matter of fact I doubt that it will be ready for 2017, lets wait and see.

Rumour has been circulating that Marti Hotels which is another 5 star Hotel Chain is on the move too..On the other hand, Villa and other property constructions are continuing there and there.

Sarigerme seem also a place in the middle earth, far from every where. Well it may seem so but the reality is far different , let me tell you more on this in short as possible;

Nearest towns are as you properly know are Ortaca and Dalaman which both are 20 minutes enjoyible ride away . If you wish to go to Gocek, 30 minutes ride away. A little further such as Fethiye would take you 45 minutes. Dalyan is 30 Minutes away. You see, you are not that far after all from these places mentioned above.

I rather wake up with birds twittering and then go to busier places if i need to, what about you ?

There is not much changed actually in Sarigerme in the last few years. Same old story or better to say stories going on and on. The paste is rather very slow here in term of develeopments or developing. There was a period of time where suddenly things where happening e.g Holiday Village , Hilton , Golf course construction , all were going on at the same time, but now it seems all has stopped or slowed down a bit.

What actually bothers me most is the wildlife. New developments and the increasing numbers of tourist , especialy the irresponsible planning infrastructure , having a negative effect on the Wildlife in the surrounding area .

I don't understand why Sarigerme and its surrounding area is visited generally by tourists only during the summer times. If only they knew that the surrounding area is actually so pleasant during the winter period. Alright there are heavy rainfalls from time to time but it does'nt last long to put you off.

Due to citrus harvesting such as Oranges and lemons the entire area smells gorgeous. It is hard to believe that all winter the Sun can shine right from the start of the day untill late afternoon.

One can do the exact stuff what one can do during the summer season. Visiting the beach or the beaches more likely, exploring the surrounding area, shopping in markets where one can have really good deals even better deals as it is out of tourism season.

There are maybe not plenty choice of Accommodation but those available accomodations are relativly more less expensive due to winter period.

Package programmes available for the Winter Season for those who are seeking tranquility and relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Winter Warmth Packages of Hotel Sevgi in Sarigerme include daily exercises every morning around the Pool ,pleasant walks to the beach and woodlands of Sarigerme.

Hotel Sevgi also provides additional fun and informative sightseeing tours to the surrounding area of Sarigerme during your stay. Those who are interested can take part in cooking sessions at no extra cost.

Visiting the surrounding area in the Winter gives one the opportunity to see it the way it is without the crowds and the touristic shops and restaurants which is open all year outside of sarigerme with local prices..

What leaves with you is the natural beauty of the local life which is worthwhile seeing and experiencing it. Local transport runs as normal, where you can go everywhere from where ever you are.

Thermal Baths can be visited for fun or health reasons, located near Dalyan at the shores of Koycegiz.

Walks in the woods or to nearby villages can be taken. Wildlife has also its share from the buzzle.

Because Locals have all the time in their hands untill the summer season starts they will go every extra mile to help you with what ever you want including going fishing or inviting you to their homes and so on




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