If you feel like you must visit Istanbul, we don’t recommend you be adventurous when in Istanbul. The bright and safe thing to do is hire a professional Tour guide through a Travel Agent for the day. Even better, book your daily excursions and sightseeing tours via a Travel agent where you can join small groups. Local Tour Operators and Travel agencies are very good at providing efficient and friendly top-quality service with qualified Tour Guides.

It is simply not possible to get to know Istanbul without doing sightseeing tours which will give you a great deal of knowledge about its existence. In addition to the sightseeing, we have provided you with some necessary information regarding Istanbul. You may find it helpful if you have never been to this part of Turkey.

istanbul city tour, There are many Tours and excursions to do in Istanbul which can be booked with a Travel Agency. Prices are Per Person and in English Sterling Currency, Prices are for guidance purposes only, we do not provide booking service for excursions in Istanbul, please use Reputable Companies.
istanbul by night, daily tours and excursions in Istanbul

Istanbul is not a place to visit for its beaches and Idyllic boat trips or typically British-style Benidorm holidaying. Istanbul is more sophisticated than that with its palaces, museums, ancient buildings, local and pre-local history, bazaars and markets, hammams, oriental essences, herbs, and the beautiful natural seafront. Some Turks believe that Istanbul is the Pearl of Turkey, and some even go further and call it the pearl of the World. Still, one can be assured that Istanbul combines the past and present with its architecture, lifestyle, people, and breeze of the unique Bosphorus.

Do Istanbul with Travel Agent
If you wish to explore Istanbul, especially the places not mentioned in the tourist brochures or even the most famous tourist places, the bright and safe thing to do is; to book your trips with a tour operator.
Don’t go cheap in Istanbul. Affordable accommodation and places will likely have more trouble. Stay with the crowd. Istanbul offers lots to see and do; you can do it all yourself- which we do not recommend- or with a Tour Guide. Your day will be more productive, and more places can be seen if you hire a professional Tour Guide. Istanbul is never in shortage of Hotels.

Accommodations in Istanbul suit all budgets, from Hostels to affordable bed and breakfasts and top-notch Hotels. Istanbul has many wining and dining places to find thousands if not hundreds of traditional restaurants, pubs, and food stalls. Places to eat and drink range from six stars to street stall munchings, giving you a more extensive choice you would like to have. Grab the opportunity to explore the unique place of the planet and book your sightseeing tours in and around Istanbul to add lovely, unforgettable memories to your lifespan.

Guided old city tour (walking) visiting Topkapi Palace (closed on Tuesdays) Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia Museum (closed on Mondays), Underground Cistern, Covered Grand Bazaar (closed on Sundays). Overnight in Istanbul.
If you don't like large groups with sharing a Tour Guide and wish to go more DIY style and maybe now and then request help from a qualified tour guide, then this service may come well handy for you. Tour Guides we recommend here are well-travelled, flexible, adaptable and worldly. To experience and to interact with different cultures, they frequently travel abroad. Tour Guides obtain licences from the ministry of tourism after gaining the right qualifications to provide you with accurate up to date information, Historical and local as well as guiding you as a navigator throughout the day.

There are many Tours and excursions to do in Istanbul, which can be booked with a Travel Agency, or you can book them via Hotel reception. Prices are Per Person and in English Sterling Currency; prices are for guidance purposes only. Contact us for professional and executive services in Istanbul.

  • Turkish Bath:£45
  • Half Day Byzantine:£45
  • Half Day Ottoman Heritage:£45
  • Full-day Byzantine and Ottoman Tour:£85
  • Whirling Dervishes:£25 -not recommended -waist of time.
  • Bosphorus Morning Cruise + Beylerbeyi Palace :£55
  • Bosphorus Cruise and Lunch:£55
  • Bosphorus with Blacksea and Lunch:£75
  • Bus and Boat Trip:£45
  • Bosphorus and Golden Horn Cruise:£35
  • Bosphorus-Dolmabahce and Lunch:£85
  • Turkish Night Show: £75
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