With its robust, productive manufacturing industries where quality and customer satisfaction play the most crucial role, Turkey can help you take your business to the next level with its well-established companies and good businessmen who are eager to reach out to potential investors. To do business successfully in Turkey, you need to know the cultural norms and traditions and, in some cases, the language.


Now you can hire a professional personal assistant who can help you to deliver to overcome the missing required skills.
A personal assistant who speaks English at the Business level knows the import-export requirements, have relevant experience in the business, and knows the area well you wish to visit.

Help you with verbal translations, liaising with suppliers and clients, visiting businesses, providing organisational support for you and your team, and performing general office duties if required.

All business Assistants we are working with have; excellent written and oral translation skills, excellent word processing and IT skills, including experience with a range of software packages, excellent organisational and time management skills, and consideration of detail.

If this is what you are looking for, please get in touch to get the contact details of a Personal Business Assistant.

Hire a professional , English speaking Business Assistant in Turkey
Hire a professional , English speaking Business Assistant in Istanbul, Adana, Gaziantep Turkey

Rates and Where?

Istanbul | Bursa | Izmir | Adana | and Gaziantep are the main Cities our consultants are working with regularly; however, they are willing to travel to any other city if booked and arrangements made in advance. Rates start from $1350 for Six Hours and an additional $250 per hour afterwards.  The employer will pay any extra expenses, such as Transport or lunch.



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