Kusadasi is a town on the western coast of Turkey on the blue Aegean Sea, enriched with its all-year-round sunshine, perfect climate, picturesque views, historic sites and hospitality.
If sunbathing all day long every day on the Sandy Beaches is at the top of your list, Kusadasi may not be the ideal Holiday place for you.

It is among the top destinations for travellers seeking adventure, a lively nightlife, a relaxing seaside holiday or even a cultural or a religious trip such as Selcuk Town, where the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus stand and keep its status as the best preserved Ancient City on the Mediterranean along with the famous Catholic pilgrimage site Virgin Mary’s House.

Kusadasi in Turkey, a Harbour Town
Kusadasi in South West of Turkey, Holiday destination

The Town of Kusadasi is lively and busy almost every day of the year. The best part is probably the weather and the pleasant seafront packed with cafes where one can enjoy walking at a leisurely pace. If you are a beach person, you may need to travel to nearby beaches suitable for sunbathing and swimming, with local transportation such as Dolmush is very easy and affordable.

  • Beaches nearby Kusadasi
  • Kusadasi Kustur Beach
  • Kusadasi Guvercinada Beach
  • Kusadasi Yilanci Burnu Beach
  • Kusadasi Kadınlar Beach
  • Kusadasi Yesil Beach
  • Kusadasi Sevgi Beach

Kusadasi is friendly for solo travellers and those travelling as a group or with their families. Whether you are after budget-friendly accommodation such as a bed & breakfast or a five-star deluxe hotel, Kusadasi has never been in shortage with vacant rooms hosting its visitors. In addition to the Bar Street, Kusadasi Town Centre is full of tourist shops selling fake items, brimming with beautiful things; it won’t take long to find something to tempt you, whether it’s a treat for yourself or the perfect gift for your loved ones.

You can visit the Wednesday and Friday Markets in the Town as an alternative to the shops. By visiting those markets, you will see the real Turkish locals from the villages in their modest, distinctive everyday outfits. This is one of the best ways to integrate with the locals, who are innately helpful, friendly, humble and generous. Food and beverages in Kusadasi cost relatively cheaper than in most of the seaside resorts in Turkey. Visitors will not find it difficult to find reasonably-priced local restaurants to enjoy Turkish cuisine or even restaurants that serve their cooking in case they feel homesick!

Kusadası is among the top resort holiday destinations in the country in terms of Bar and Club entertainment. You can find lively band sessions where you can jam in with the live band if you think you have the talent and believe you can add fun to the audience’s mood. The following activities might appeal to you which you can book either with the tour operator you came with or through the local travel agents in the town centre where they can be more affordable.

Kusadasi , a coast town in Turkey, ideal holiday destination

Tours and Activities in Kusadasi

Scuba diving | Jeep Safari |Boat Trip |Samos Island (One of the Greek Islands)

Turkish Bath |Horse Safari |Microlight Flight |Water Sports |Aquaparks

An ideal thing to do would be to hire a scooter and drive around the Town and the outskirts. It is fun and very informative in terms of seeing more of Kusadasi. Whatever you prefer to do, make sure you visit one of the Cafes of Kusadasi at the seaside just before the sunset and sip your beer with the locals, like the locals, to appreciate the natural beauty.

You will find it so surprising in Kusadasi that there is no understanding of the weekend in the town as the town itself has a relaxed and laid-back aura; every day of the week is like the weekend. The bars and pubs are open till early morning hours so your enjoyment can continue as long as you wish. Despite its posh look, Kusadasi is a relatively inexpensive place to live in. Property prices have gone down considerably in the last couple of years. Moreover, the choices are endless regarding the properties’ architecture, design, view and location available for sale.

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