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An absolute terrific experience. One of the best outdoor activities.

Selcuk Airport- (near Aydin, Izmir). Your Plane will take off from this small Airport.
When you arrive at the Airport, you’ll meet the pilots. They are fully licensed and experienced and will assist you in enjoying a great day. A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan aeroplane will be used for the skydive. The aircraft is safe as it meets all the safety requirements and undergoes regular maintenance.

Pilots will explain every step of the flight and skydiving. More specifically, the pilots will tell you what you should and should not do during the flight. In addition, they will demonstrate all the essential safety procedures and how to use the safety equipment properly. Previous experience is not required.

Pilots will allocate the safety equipment you should wear. You’ll wear goggles, headgear and a jumpsuit for skydiving.

skydiving in Turkey
skydiving in Turkey from dalaman

When the Plane takes off, you will enjoy fantastic views of the ancient city of Ephesus. When the Plane reaches an altitude of 12.000 feet or 3650 meters above ground level, you will start getting ready for the jump. The pilot will attach you to his uniform, and you jump off the Plane at a point to challenge your limits.

The freefall will take about 45 seconds after the jump. By that moment, you will feel like you are flying incredibly fast and following the flow of the air. This feeling is unique; you will achieve a speed of 200km per hour or 13 meters per second. The rate will be able to increase your adrenaline levels, and by that moment, you will be excited to continue with your skydiving.

After 45 seconds, the parachute opens, and you will experience a more smooth flight. Gliding over Ephesus and Agean coasts. Videos and photos from your skydiving can be taken.

There are some strict rules and requirements. Age and weight limits apply; between 45kg and 90kg, and have a maximum height of 1.90 meters. The minimum age requirement is 16 years old; for anyone under 18, written consent from the parents is required. As the rules are stringent, if a person does not meet the requirements, there is no possibility of participation due to safety reasons. Right after your exciting tandem skydiving experience, you will make your way back. 

Transfer to the Jumping Station-Airport is not included. This Can be arranged, and the price will depend on your location.

  • DAYS AVAILABLE: Everyday and  need to be booked well in advance

  • PICK  UP TIME: 6.30 am

  • RETURN TIME: 6 pm

  • INCLUDED:  All Necessary Equipment, Jump Suit, Headgear, Googles, Plane and Pilot fees

  • BRING ALONG: money for drinks and lunch, a Camera.

  • SUITABLE: Suitable for all ages 16 and above. Under 18 with a legal guardian. Not ideal for those with mobility issues.

  • IMPORTANT: Customers with any preexisting medical conditions must inform us at the time of booking; this is important for us.

  • Pregnant ladies and those with high blood pressure and heart problems are not advised to jump.

All Tours and Excursions can be conducted as Private and tailored to your liking, for this, please request a Private Tour quote.



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