Let us start by asking you this question, How safe is the Biggest City in your Country at night for Women?

Our answer to the question above would probably match yours.

One has to keep her guard at all times, no matter where you are and what you are doing; this is the general rule and should be for any traveller.

Western tourist women, in particular, catch the eyes of the man in Turkey; therefore, you may experience somewhat overwhelming attention towards yourself.

Remember that cultural differences can sometimes be good for one whilst bad for the other; therefore, do your homework before you travel to Turkey, which may help you read some hidden signs.

Remember this, every woman, who experienced something terrible during her travel, is because She trusted; she believed in that person who turned out to be her nightmare, if not the worst.

Holiday in Istanbul, short break with Ephesus

Turkey is a safe place for a tourist; there is no doubt about it; however, it does not mean you must let down your guard.

Always be suspicious and take extreme caution at night; under any circumstances, do not take an exit into quiet areas from busy public places.

If possible, make sure you do let know your friends and family where you are and with whom you are. Never believe for a second or two it won’t happen to you.

It is the same cautious measures for men, not just women. No matter where you are on the planet and with whom you are, you can avoid becoming a statistic by taking simple steps.

Probably after reading above, you may think, Oh my Gosh, I better stay at home, keep the Doors and Windows shut. Who can guarantee that disaster will not strike you in your home?

In other words, there is no guaranteed safe place on this planet.

Now, after considering the above, all that needs to be done is to be careful, no matter where you are holidaying.

If you are a believer in statistics, rest assured that Turkey is safe for a single woman, except for keeping your heart safe from charming waiters.

About the Turkish Men

If you have not been to Turkey before, you should continue reading, regardless of age or marital status.

Once you are in Turkey, touristic areas, you will experience something very flattering.

As soon as the Turkish Man sees you, he will start to say nice things to you because to him, you are a flower, and whoever picks up the flower then belongs to him.

It does not matter how old you are if you are single or married, fat and ugly or skinny with bones sticking out or got Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

He will first compliment your eyes; how deep and beautiful they are, then tell you that you are gorgeous and how lovely your dress is. This will all take place in the first few minutes of meeting you. Do not be surprised if he tells you an hour later that he is in love with you.

To cut the story short, by the time dawn breaks, without a doubt, you will have made love to this Turkish Man. What happens when you go back home? On the day you leave, another lady hears the exact words. This goes on and on and never stops.

Does anything good come out of this? If you discount the endless pleasures, realistically, NO. Very few relationships have happy endings. Yes, there are happy endings too, believe it or not, such as happily married friends, kids, and so on. In percentage, it is shallow and a gamble with serious Consequences.

The unhappy ending in such mixed cultural relations is so high that it would be like hitting the jackpot by being in the happy section. It is ok when you don’t have kids; walk away from one another, and everything is sorted. However, if you have children together, then the situation for both can be devastating. It can be very harsh. Especially for the Man, as the robust laws of the United Kingdom and Europe usually take women’s side. Especially difficult on the Man if you are one of those bitches who don’t provide access to the children simply because you have fallen out or stopped each other loving.

Does anything good come out of this? Well, if you discount the endless pleasures, realistically, NO. Very few relationships have happy endings.

Many Turkish men out there fell in love and moved abroad, made children, and worked hard, but for some reason, when the relationship ended, they faced the bitter truth of separation and were not allowed to see their children. As a result, their lives are shattered; they couldn’t go back to their home countries simply because they wanted to be with their kids or at least left with that hope that one day they might gain access. In the meantime, kids grow fatherless, and Turkish fathers are stranded in a place which doesn’t want to be anymore.

So, have one but don’t drag him into unnecessary pain.

How do you avoid this game of love?

It is not easy; imagine you are on holiday in a beautiful hot country with a charming and handsome young man making you feel unique beyond your wildest dreams. It can be challenging to avoid becoming a statistic in a love game.

Is it worth it?

If you are already in a relationship with someone back home, if someone waiting for you back at home, the man who loves you, then the question is; Is it worth it?
Even if you haven’t got anyone waiting for you back home, it may help you to think for a moment if you consider the following:
An average young Turkish man working in tourism sleeps with one woman a week. Some sleep with 2 or 3 women weekly, and others with a different woman daily. A lot of action, all without the use of any protection.

I know, after reading this, you will say, yes, you are right. I also know that the women who agree with the statement above will do the opposite.
Happy Holidays
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