Turkish Toilets

There are two types of toilets in use in Turkey, ordinary western type pan and cistern and the squat type of toilets which are still widely in use.

Whilst in most tourist and developed areas, such as Marmaris, Fethiye, and Antalya, western-type toilets are used, especially in Hotels and Restaurants, there are also many squat toilets used in public restrooms in rural Turkey.
Squat Toilets are very healthy, as many medics agree this is the best posture.

Ablution Pipe

One of the common questions regarding toilets in Turkey is about the pipes sticking out from the back of the toilet pan. It is an ablution washing tube. This pipe is used to wash your bum after significant relief or number two.

Turks wash their bottoms like the rest of the middle east and the Far East. This may sound strange to you; however, it is very hygienic as it prevents skidmarks from occurring on your pants.
The procedure is logical and straightforward, starts with wiping as you would do, then turning on the water which usually there is a valve on the wall next to the toilet pan and skirt water to your bum and wash it with your left hand, wipe it afterwards to dry it.

Muslims, in particular, are, using their left hand for the cleaning process. This is why they prefer to use their right hand to shake hands and eat.

Public toilets usually are not accessible and are run privately. They are generally clean and kept at all times clean where possible. There is always an employee who cleans the toilets frequently.
Many public toilets, especially in bigger cities, are decorated with fresh flowers and aftershave, such as colones displayed on the counters or offered on the way out by the cashier.

Unless it is an emergency, most men prefer to sit when urinating as their parents have taught them to prevent urine from dropping on their pans, as they place toilet paper in front of their manhoods after urinating or washing it.

It is a known fact that regardless of how long you wait and shake, it always continues dropping urine later on. This is mainly practised by Muslims who pray five times a day; this way, underpants can keep clean.

Well, I hope this article has helped you to understand the toilets in Turkey and wish you a life with underpants free of skidmarks and urine stains. LOL.