Baby Food and Nappies

You do not need to worry about finding Nappies, Baby Food in jars or Powder no matter whereabouts you are in Turkey, obviously not in rural, excluded areas. Baby Food and Nappies of all kinds can be found in every corner of Turkey; this includes other primary baby and toddler products. If this sentence is not good enough, we suggest you continue reading.

Some parents bottle-feed their babies, so they would like to know if a particular brand they are using is available abroad. You must remember that not every baby milk brand is available in every part of the globe. This is the same with Turkey.

You may not find the exact one you are using back home. However, there are well-known European-quality baby milk powders or food brands that are easy to find in Turkey. If you are fussy and believe it is not a good idea to change your baby’s milk during the holiday, then the best thing to do is take an extra amount with you to Turkey. The other option would be calling or emailing the company to find out whether or not they have it in Turkey.

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Nappies, Sensitive Baby wipes, Sudocrem, Baby Milk Powder, and Baby Food in Jars can go on and on. They are all available in Turkey. You can purchase baby products from a Pharmacy or any Supermarket. In bigger holiday towns and cities such as Istanbul and Antalya, you can find them only in Supermarkets and pharmacies. Airports can be very limited, and if you are lucky, they can be costly.

If your child suffers from a colic or gluten intolerance and you need to use a specific brand, this can be a bit tricky as changing your baby’s food can cause sleepless nights for both you and your baby, so pack plenty in your suitcase.
For example, if you use Infacol to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain, you can take an extra few bottles with you; however, you may find such products or similar under different names in pharmacies.

When it comes to a specific baby food such as Aptamil Pepti 1 for dietary management, this is an entirely different matter as there may be the same product under another name. Still, by the time you managed to find the right one, your baby would suffer. Therefore we suggest you take an extra amount with you to be safe. However, the best thing to do is to seek professional medical advice from your GP.

There is no shortage of ordinary Baby Milk or Powder and Baby Food in jars as they come under different names and brands. Still, most of them are trustworthy brand names in Europe, such as Ulker, Milupa, Aptamil, Similac, Bebelac, Pediasure, SMA, and so on.
Nappies also come under different brand names; amongst those preferred by Turkish parents are Canbebe, Huggies, and Prima. These brands and others can be found in most supermarkets. Usually, there is a clear description of the package for age suitability.

Visiting Cities with Pram

Narrow Pedestrian Walkways in some parts of the Cities, such as Istanbul, would probably be on the top of the list to take notice of as it may become frustrating when using prams.

Baby changing facilities are available in most supermarkets and shopping malls.

Don’t expect the Drivers to stop or slow down just because you are pushing a Pram. And please do take extra caution when crossing the road or street. Zebra crossings don’t mean anything.

Useful word: Bebek Mamasi – Baby Food

During the Flight: If possible, arrange your babies feeding time during the flight hours. Especially during take-off and before landing, make sure you give your baby something to suck, either milk or soothers, as this will help to reduce the pressure on their ears which can be painful for your baby.

The above comes from a Dad of two who travelled extensively in Turkey. If you liked it, please share this page, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to add extra parent lines to this article.