If you’re someone who loves to shop, strolling through the streets of Marmaris can be akin to a child in a candy store. The town boasts an abundance of shops offering a vast array of products, from leather goods and designer items to bags, accessories, souvenirs, tailor-made suits, and dresses – the list is endless. Many of these shops in Marmaris and Icmeler offer high-quality replicas, allowing you to snag fantastic deals. Distinguishing between counterfeit and authentic brands can be quite challenging due to the exceptional quality of these replicas.

Unless you are a party animal, shopping loving, clubber type person, Marmaris isn't a relaxed Holiday destination for you.
Marmaris harbour is a pleasant place, with lots of boats, nice walking promenade, cafes and restaurants

In addition to locally owned small jewellery businesses, there are also large jewellery centres both in and around town. These shops prominently display certificates demonstrating their affiliation with jewellery business chambers and associations.

Here’s a word of advice: When choosing a jewellery store, opt for one that has been at the same address for an extended period. This precaution is essential because there have been instances where customers couldn’t locate the same jewellery shops at the same address as in previous seasons, making it impossible to return or replace falsely sold items.

On the flip side, exercise caution when dealing with giant jewellery centres. You may find yourself there during an excursion organized by your tour company, which often earns a substantial commission, sometimes up to 30 per cent, from your purchase. Moreover, these centres tend to be slightly more expensive.

Shopping in Marmaris might offer a unique experience compared to what you’re used to. Salespeople often incorporate cultural traditions into their sales techniques, which can be pretty enjoyable. Don’t expect fixed prices when you enter a shop, as bargaining is customary and not considered impolite.

If you feel comfortable and interested in the products, don’t hesitate to accept tea or coffee offers from shopkeepers. This gesture can help break the ice and lead to pleasant conversations, which may ultimately result in a bargain.

However, there are unspoken rules when haggling in Turkey. The most crucial rule is never to make an offer if you have no intention of purchasing the item. If the salesperson agrees to your proposed price, you are expected to pay that amount. Failing to do so would be considered extremely rude and can create an unpleasant atmosphere.

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Marmaris Boat Foam Parties are bad for the environment, please avoid such companies . please be responsible when making choices.