Gay and Lesbians

The age of consent in Turkey is 18. There are no articles on homosexuality in the law but vague references to public morals and order.

Homosexuality is not illegal but is NOT tolerated in the communities

Public displays of affection could/will result in prosecution for public order offences.

Locals may not tolerate public displays.

Locals are objective to the visitor’s sexual choices, as long as there is no public display on the street or in pubs and bars.

Locals will not treat gays or lesbians differently than other heterosexual tourists, provided the above sentence is considered.

Your desire can lead to severe consequences. Be aware that trying to chat up a young person for sexual desire once noticed can result in severe consequences; ensure you keep it within a friendly chat frame only.

Turkish people are very tolerant towards guests. And you are friendly and want to respect others’ way of life!

We are not saying that such life choices do not exist in Turkey; in smaller Villages and Towns where the culture has not let its roots loose, one must respect and stay within their cultural frame, or one can face severe consequences if not.

In bigger cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, or certain touristic Towns, e.g. Marmaris, Gays have relatively more straightforward lives than those in rural areas; however, they are used to and tolerated by the public in specific neighbourhoods or regions.

You can find yourselves facing charges relating to cultural differences, such as using foul language, rude gestures or public displays of affection.

If you like to share your experience, you may believe it can help others; please send an email so I can publish it here on this page.