What an incredibly relaxed little Town, the ideal place for any Holiday, whether for lake district breaks, Yoga retreats, health retreats, or meditation.

Some locals of Koycegiz say with a serious tone and expression that Koycegiz is the pearl of the region, and some even go further and call it the pearl of Turkey. But one thing is sure Koycegiz combines the past and present with its lifestyle, people and breeze of an amazing lovely lake. Koycegiz is a safe place for visitors, like any other town in the western world. With its growing population due to its popularity by local and global tourism, interest in property in Koycegiz is booming. It can only mean more and more people are moving to the area.

Koycegiz Town by Lake
Koycegiz Lake front, pleasant even in winter

Koycegiz, with her local and pre-local history, weekly market, oriental essences and laid-back lifestyle, does offer lots to see and to do other than her beautiful natural lakefront. You can do it all by yourself or via a local travel agency and Tour Guide, allowing you to see more of this gorgeous place. Koycegiz is never in shortage with her small Hotels as accommodation is available to suit all budgets, from Hostels to affordable bed and breakfasts; however not a destination if you are a five-star deluxe style seeker.

Koycegiz has many wining and dining places where one can find many traditional restaurants, pubs, and food stalls with a reasonable price list.
Places to eat and drink range from ordinary restaurants with excellent service right down to street stall munchings, giving you an average choice you would like to have while on holiday.
The people of Koycegiz are friendly, rather very laid-back, with a Mexican-style attitude. Life in Koycegiz can seem very slow as you sit in a non-moving time machine.
Rush hours are usually during the market day, which takes place every week on Mondays, adding additional herbs to the cultural life.
Cafes on the seafront are probably the most relaxing frontier of the entire town, especially when the lake is calm, which one must enjoy some time while sipping an ice-cold drink or maybe a cup of sweet hot juice.

Koycegiz Town by the Lake facing Dalyan and Sultaniye Thermal Baths
koycegiz lake fron is full of cafes and restaurants

Things To Do in Koycegiz

You can explore the surrounding area as many lovely places can be seen;

Dalyan Tour via the Koycegiz Lake, visiting the famous Sultaniye Thermals and continuing towards the canal of Dalyan, where the Lycians carve the impressive rock tombs, through the river, finally reaching Turtle Beach. You can do this tour with the Boats anchoring on the lakeside.

You can visit Ekincik Beach via organized daily excursions or hop on a local shuttle bus. Or You can join a Jeep Safari Trip into the surrounding area, enjoying the landscape and witnessing the local life in the rural areas.

These are only a few ideas out of many. Please see the Excursions on the main menu to find out more.

Carp Fishing in Koycegiz

Another thing Koycegiz is famous for is its Fishing for Common Carp in a Natural and Protected 52000 Hectares of Lake. It is impossible to know how many Common Carp are in this natural Lake of Koycegiz. Still, we understand that the Authorities have in recent years released 180.000 young Carp and many thousands of big Carp into the Lake of Koycegiz. If you are into Fishing, Find Out More by visiting our Fishing Trip Page.

Fancy Buying a House in Koycegiz

You can wake up every morning to bird tweets and a bright clear sky. Living cost is relatively cheap in Turkey compared to the UK and Europe, with plenty of weekly markets where one can purchase the freshest and most delicious fruit and vegetables directly from the farmers.

Suppose you are a Sun Lover, Fishing enthusiast, Bird watcher, Beer lover, Sea and nature admirer, sunset hunter, or whatever you like to do most. In that case, there is always something to do and see for everyone from all walks of life, as the surrounding area of Koycegiz provides you with a great range of to-do lists. Not to mention bills like council tax are ten times less, and your bins get collected daily. Water and electricity are half the price compared to the UK. Crime rates are significantly lower than in most parts of Europe. The Koycegiz culture allows you to have a laid-back lifestyle.

For the same price you would pay in the UK for a tiny cottage or two-bedroom flat in England, one can purchase a lovely spacious Villa with a garden, possibly with a swimming pool, in Koycegiz or the surrounding area Dalaman, Dalyan.

retreat holiday house in Koycegiz, Dalaman

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