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bed and breakfast in Turkey Koycegiz, rooms from 15 sterling


YES, Turkey with its growing positive reputation started to become one of the most reliable and trustworthy holiday destination for holiday makers in last few years as well for business investors due to its less complex bureaucracy compared with most other holiday destinations such as Spain and Greece.

YES, Realestate sales to foreign nationalities such as British, German, has shown a boom in the market despite the global recession which effected many countries in the europe. This shows the stability of the ecenomic market of Turkey is stable enough to attract investors from all around the world.

YES, The government extends the residence permit from three months to one year for house buyers from oversees with a law change, aiming to eliminate obstacles in front of the foreign buyers, this of course makes Turkey simply a safe destination for the investers.


There are more Estate Agents in the area than mosquitoes! I do not know which one will provide you the best service as I have not purchased any property myself from an estate agent.

I always suggest to my friends to not hurry into purchasing a property in the first place unless they are %100 sure, Especially if you want to live there. I say rent a place for some while before you decide to make the big move.

If you are not happy with the area or what ever it is, pack your bags and move to another rented property. You will not have this chance if you own the property.

Depending on the area, you can rent a nice property for a reasonable price especially if you decide to pay upfront a significant amount such as six months down payment. This I guess is alot better then investing 150K in to unknown.

Being on holiday can be rather different compared to living in Turkey, unless you are loaded with cash and can afford to go out every single night out. Plus you need to get to know the real locals not just the waiter..

Are you going to let out your place ? Take into consideration that not many people do make money from rental.

Well, it is not my place to tell you what you need to do but I can advice you to speak to of loads foreigners in the area before you make your big move.

When buying a property in Turkey, the legal procedures do seem really quite straight forward. However, in order to avoid any problems I recommend the following:

USE A VERY good English speaking estate agent, make sure this agency can provide you with loads of contact details of foreign clients. Most of all take your time and under no circumstances do not rush into anything.

WHATEVER YOU DO, do not buy a property through a friendly waiter, hotel receptionist , friend of a friend etc. , the price is greatly inflated in most of these cases and Title Deeds etc can not be easily checked.

MAKE SURE the Title Deed is properly checked in order to avoid any inconvinience.


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